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    Upgrade the 3ware 9500s cache size

    From 3ware website : 9500S "128 MB of ECC protected SDRAM, upgradable to 256 MB" Try it and let us know! Good Luck! MEJV
  2. mejv

    15K SCSI RAID 0 with crappy performance

    F.Y.I.: I heard some engineers saying that the SCSI disk drives get the OS SCSI commands and process them as such... If the write command has a FUA (Force Unit Access) set, that means bypass the onboard cache, and don't complete the command before the data has been written to the media (or disk platter). The (S)ATA drives have to have a conversion SCSI to (S)ATA and do not honor the FUA flag... giving a performance boost, but a possible data integrity issue if power is lost... Not so much a big deal in desktop, but very much an issue in enterprise storage where SCSI drives come from... This is valid for SATA RAID controller as well... 3ware used to honor the FUA by default, but Promise, LSI & Adaptec don't, or something of that sort... MEJV
  3. Back to the basics: Is power coming to your PC? Outlet fuse ? voltage coming from the outlet within norms? Check the power supply with another motherboard. Try another power supply on your MB... At this point, this should be a good start... Good luck! MEJV
  4. mejv

    Measuring STR

    What about IOMETER ? You can set it up to do sequentiel xfer read or writes with command queuing to make sure of minimum latency therefore maximum throughput possible... Read-ahead/write caching won't change much besides the first few MB when the cache is being use only, but after that the mediem has to be used and will be the limiting factor... Just a thought! MEJV
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    DISK IMAGING - free software

    Over a year ago, I was looking at mirroring a SCSI 9GB to an 18 GB... I googled for HD clone and found a floppy image. I created the bootable floppy and it booted a flavor of BSD. It discovered the SCSI controller (Adaptec) and the 2 disks, it finishes booting offering a basic menu with a couple of commands: "DISKS" lists the HDDs available with capacity and model/brand as well as its OS logical name. "COPYDISK SD1 SD0 " or something like that allowed me to copy disk 1 to disk 0 LBA to LBA. The result was a bottable disk image with a 9 GB partition of the exact same capacity as teh original drive, and free unpartition space of the rest, that I could use after regular partitioning... I used this floppy for ATA, SATA, SCSI drive with no pbms... (though the ATA speed was at ~15 MB/s max...) MEJV
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    Gigabyte 81955X Royal won't POST

    "PC Power and Cooling 450W Turbo-Cool (leftover from old system)" Have you tried with a P4 certified Power Supply with the 4 pin connector ? If the board isn't already damage... give it a shot... Good luck! MEJV
  7. mejv

    Asus support sucks.

    Did you update the BIOS to the latest rev. ? MEJV
  8. mejv

    New SCSI drive for RMA bad?

    It looks like the drive reset itself... There might be some lose power connector or some contact problem with the SCSI connector. Make sure you reinsert the drive's connectors properly, that all the pins of the connectors are at the same level. If possible, change the power connector to a different one and use a different SCSI cable... If it is a SCA, remove and re-insert the drive to rub the connectors and possibly clean a bad contact (oxydated?)... If it does not change anything, connect the drive to a SCSI HBA and try again... Good luck! MEJV
  9. SCSI 320 drive are compatible to pretty much all SCSI versions previously standardized... 320 is LVD but would work on SE as well... The ultra2 being the 1st generatrion LVD, the drive will work just fine! MEJV
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    Serial ATA 2 vs. WD Raptor

    As far as I know, no drive build today is saturating SATA 1 (1.5Gb/s or 150MB/s) so I would not worry about SATA 1 or SATA 2 interface on a system... There would not be much difference in terms of performance it you'd take a SATA 2 drive on a SATA 1 interface... Only in heavy load, the NCQ could bring some improvments. So a RAPTOR or a SATA 2 drive does not mean much. One is a drive already over a year old, the other one, an I/O interface of second generation with some feature added. An interface can not improve dramatically the speed of a drive incapable of saturating the interface... MEJV
  11. BIOS incompatibility seems to be the problem... Have you check for a system bios update ? How about the RAID card firmware/boot loader update from the manufacturer ? Check the system bios to alter the pci setups... that might help. Good luck... MEJV
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    SATA BIOS Settings

    I do believe the BIOS of the system should have a selection available for which drive to boot from. I'd suggest looking into the MotherBoard Bios user Manual for further details. Good luck. MEJV
  13. mejv

    adaptec raid 5 problems

    A RAID 5 with 1 bad drive means your data is still there but not redundant anymore. If I were you, I'd backup the data ASAP before attempting anything on the RAID. When rebuilding, 2 things can stopp the rebuild : 1) the 'new' drive to rebuild has problems: you end-up with the original issue. 2) one of the source drive has issues (uncorrectanble ECC errors ?) and your source data is compromised. If you have the first case, then you should be able to backup your data. If you have the second case, you might have lost some data... for ever... Good luck, MEJV
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    Mylex 1164

    Indeed, Ultra 2 speed was the first LVD speed released at a rate of 80 MB/s. This is known as Ultra-wide LVD. Wide means 16 bits so 2 bytes in parallele. the frequency refered to is sometime 40 MHz, hence 40 MB*2 =80 MB/s If it works, why bother ? MEJV
  15. mejv

    Delayed spin-up.

    3ware 9500S serie... I don;t know about the 8500 ones... MEJV
  16. mejv

    NCQ Help!

    If you look carefully. it displays the drive information : NCQ not supported. That means the firmware of the drive does not support NCQ. There is no way to get it to enable something it does not support! Good luck! MEJV
  17. Is there such thing as a 4 drive RAID 1 ? I don't think so... (RAID 1 is mirroring) The only thinig I know it RAID 10 (or 1+0)... I would not expect a drastic improvment in perf since 3ware has only write caching, read caching being done by the drive themselves, not the controller... Raid 10 is a reliable way to have data, but not the most efficient (spacewise!). MEJV
  18. I have the same problem. I am using this card (I always get it mixed up with the 454) with x2 200gb WD drives. Once every 2-3 months that horrible piercing alarm goes off reporting that the mirror has broken. It's really irritating because I have the server off in the corner of a room with no monitor hooked up, so I have to hook a monitor up to it and rebuild the mirror. Is this a quirk of the controller? I have it hooked up to a UPS so it shouldn't be a power issue. I just don't understand why the array just randomly dies like that. -Joe 201438[/snapback] Maybe you could load Real VNC on the server, and connect to it by another computer to correct the problem... That would prevent any monitor connection... check or both are freeware and should be able to do what you need to do, for the right price... Not at powerfull as PCanywhere, but way cheaper! Good luck! MEJV
  19. mejv

    ADSL bandwith limit

    I think Firefox (and maybe other browsers) starts potential download before the user agrees to it. The download is stopped if the user does not agree, but most of the time it is a file wanted ! As a portion of the file is already downloaded before the download timer is started, it look like the transfer went at an impossible speed... to then come back to more reasonable numbers... MEJV
  20. F.Y.I.: SATA, like SAS. Fibre Channel and some other serial interfaces do not send zero ar 1500Mb/s but some encoded words. The encoding is such that the link is filled with a bunch of bit alrenating zero/one in order to keep a neutrol parity overall (not too many ones nor too many zeros in succession).Also, each byte (8 bits) are encoded with 10 bits. (That's why SATA 1.5 Gbits/s = 150 MBytes/s). MEJV
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    How the heck can you backup 2TB?

    Did I miss something ? 8*250 GB = 2TB... Is it a RAID 0 ? If it is, this is not a big surprise ! RAID 5 would be a better step, RAID 50 would be an even better one... MEJV
  22. mejv

    5 1/2" Hard drives.

    F.Y.I : 22k RPM = 15k RPM * 1.5 (=really 22.5k) for a 50% rotational speed improvment. Same as 10k --> 15k same as 3600 -->5400 rpm MEJV
  23. mejv

    5 1/2" Hard drives.

    1) 5"1/4 are no longuer manufactured 2) the platters are heavier, need more power, bigger motors, bearings... so more noise 3) the distance for the heads to travel is greater, so they are slow seekers ... The tendancy is to reduce power, noise, materials... that's a short list, but it builds against it... Now, 2"1/2 is picking up!!! 100 GB/drive... MEJV
  24. mejv

    adapter speed...

    Make sure you don't mix-up the meaning of the various transfer rate you are getting: 1) A SCSI 320 MB/s will never get you more than 320 MB/s transfer because it is over the rated SCSI speed, and it does not account for the overhead. 2) The Maxtor drive mentioned (D740X) is an PATA drive with the MAX transfer rate of 133MB/s for the interface... No way to get over 300MB/s transfer... What the " Timing buffer-cache reads" means is the system buffer speed. As for " Timing buffered disk reads" it seems more of a disk sequential transfer from the media than a buffer transfer rate(for the SCSI drive), and if it seems low, it might be due to the overhead on the system side due to many variables... Make sure the read caching is on, Read Ahead too... Also, the SCSI HBA should be able to display at which speed it negociated with the drive... My $0.02 ! Good luck ! MEJV