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  1. It would help if you were reading properly what was written an stop wronging people for your lack of understanding of the issue. You write "We never used 32-bit LBA"... This might be true for ATA-7 commands using 32 bits, that does not mean that OSs would manage 48 or 64 bits easily. If you think as a hard drive, with its embedded system dedicated to itself, LBAs is no big deal since it is all contained in its little world... For controllers, yes a firmware update would do the trick, but the controller manufacturer are not going to update older controller for no gain. Just ask Microsoft to update windows XP 32 bit to support greater than 2 TB drives if it is so easy!
  2. OK, you are right, the limit on 32 bit processors is not 32bit, it is unlimited. The issue is that they can only process 32 bit at a time. It used to be that using one word of 32bit was more than enough and all data structures used we defined with LBAs of 32bits... Changing the structures is not as trivial as it looks because of all the code related using these for calculations. Missing one convoluted place and it could be bad, so changing it on one set of code is risky. It is easier to wait for a new generation of controller and obsolete the previous one. Also, if 32 bit was not some kind of limitation on a 32bit processor, then there was no reason to use a 32 bit processor... an 8 bit processor could do the job as well... just slower since it would have to do many passes to do 32 bit calculations and even more for 64bits...
  3. The limit is for 32 bit which is the type of processors used these days. 32 bit limits the 512byte sectors devices to max out at 2 TB. setting the sector size @4kB instead of 512 bytes (.5 kB)would multiply by 8 the 32bit limit pushing the limit to 16 TB. Today, (S)ATA drives are limited to 48 bits in ATA commands, limiting it to 128 Peta Bytes, if I am not mistaking... That should last for a while...
  4. If you can list the motherboard and its BIOS version, as well as the 3ware firmware version and driver version... That might help! MEJV
  5. The tracks on the platters are so close to each other that vibration can get the head a bit off track, making the drives lose another revolution to get the data. Tolerances for writes are even tighter to prevent writing over adjacent tracks. MEJV
  6. Check for 3ware firmware update: yours is old! Latest FW version is:
  7. Also, check the PCI setup on the PC BIOS. The burst setup can be changed in some machines, improving the sequential output... A tweak... only a tweak... and it takes many reboot to figure out which number works best! Good luck! MEJV
  8. What is the setup? Performance mode of the array? Write Cache enabled? BBU? Any info would help! Regards, MEJV
  9. mejv

    Spin up loop

    I am afraid that the drive is unable to read/detect the servos pulses written therefore unable to find out the spindle speed... In any case, that does not sound good at all... I hope you have a backup! Good luck! MEJV
  10. Hi there! Raid controllers do not generate errors for fun. They rather report what a drive reported. Bad blocks are always possible, even in flash based devices. The controller can 'repair' the bad block by asking the drive to reassign this block to one of a pool of spare blocks. Once the pool of spare blocks is mostly used up, the drive SMART threshold exceeded error will show up, not before that. You should write the logical drives created with data and read back several times to make sure all the bad blocks are reassigned before having user data on them... And I would then monitor subsequent errors closely... Just my 2 cents... Good luck! MEJV
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    Maybe after the next win 7 RC releases...
  12. mejv


    3ware uses the internet browser, that should be independent of the OS... look like a compatibility issue with IE8: Good luck! MEJV
  13. Looks like it is official now: 3ware is now LSI 3ware: Regards, MEJV
  14. Regards, MEJV
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    >2TB volume on 2000 Server Seems to be saying that x86 windows 2000 should be able to support up to 64TB in dynamic volumes... (I don't think the volume could be bootable though... I could be wrong there.) MEJV
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    >2TB volume on 2000 Server Seems to be possible with NTFS, but is windows 2000 allowing it... MEJV
  17. On the 3ware controllers, I believe the default setup is for maximum data safety: it could be that cache is turned off or to a minimum. Check if the setup is on performance setup, queuing enabled... Also do you have the latest 3ware firmware, check Just my 2 cents! Good luck and happy new year! MEJV
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    making full hard disk image

    xxclone freeware is what I used with success. Good luck! MEJV
  19. I have used successfully xxclone freeware version... MEJV
  20. mejv

    Very fast RAID 6 setup extract: Linux®-based system builder, SpectSoft, will showcase its RaveHD system with an integrated 3ware 9690SA-8I SAS/SATA RAID controller to demonstrate the data availability, video compression and instant video playback that film production workflows crave. Filmmaker Thor Wixom will be featured in an in-booth 3ware Sidecar product demonstration. Shooting video footage at the show with his Red One™ 137 camera, Wixom will process his video in real-time. He will effortlessly read and write video files to and from the desktop storage solution to demonstrate performance, capacity and ease of use. "As a modern filmmaker, I expect a lot when it comes to storage solutions. Capacity isn't the only requirement these days. My storage has to be scalable, transportable, and above all, it needs to protect the life blood of my data!†said Mr. Wixom, award winning filmmaker and owner of Utah-based Invictus Productions. “The 3ware Sidecar is the ideal solution! It's the perfect link between my PC and my Red One camera. It offers superior performance, it protects my work, and it comes in a package that is small enough to take anywhere.†Hopes that helps! Good luck! MEJV
  21. The verbiage says 6500 Euros, not $... a minor difference of a factor of ~1.6!!! MEJV
  22. Look for PC Wizard 2007... Good luck! MEJV
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    SAS Drive and SATA motherboard?

    No! That is the short answer... Regards, MEJV
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    3ware 9650SE-8LPML major write problems!

    Does your unit have cache turned on? What profile are you using ? Performance, Balance or Protection ? Performance should provide the best... Good luck! MEJV
  25. Regards, MEJV