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    Best drive for WHS box

    "Using the jumper" referred to here with these EARS drives would make them simply perform like standard 512b sector drives in this application, correct?
  2. No one's answered the question about how well this drive will work with WHS v1, which is based on the Server 2003 architecture. MS just advised NOT to use Advanced format drives like these with WHS products. See http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2385637/en-us . I have a couple of EARS drives, and would like to get the HP 495 server to use with them. But because of warnings like these, I'm inclined to wait for WHS v2 (codename "Vail") instead. By all means, if there's some new patch or other workaround that solves the problem, please post it. Thanks for the review!
  3. A belated thank-you for all the replies! I just now had the chance to read the answers... The inconsistent evidence is surprising. The drive I asked about is already gone, so I wouldn't be able to test it...but any additional evidence that clears this up would be most appreciated.
  4. reparations, thanks for taking the time to offer such a detailed reply--it's much appreciated! I'm now even more convinced there's no real reason for me to mess with upgrading.
  5. Thanks for the helpful replies. honold, I'd certainly be interested in any unclocking bench comparisons you'd be interested in making. I'm pretty naive on various benchmarks...I'm more interested in office and web benchmarks than anything else. Woody, as stated in OP, it's a 800mhz FSB. I neglected to mention it's a 2.4C, if that makes any difference. I didn't realize asynchronous mode introduced extra overhead. I'd guessed that 266, as 1/3 of 800, (vs. the 400 which is 1/2 of 800) might be a nice multiple, and should play pretty well with the setup. Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed post!
  6. anyone? I don't know if I addressed this adequately, but I shouldn't have a big need for extra RAM speed, just office apps mostly...
  7. Thanks for replying qawsedrftgzxcvb and casa. My intution is also that the penalty would be slight--perhaps even unnoticable. I'm mainly trying to decide whether it's worth upgrading my RAM to PC3200, and I'm guessing not... Anyone know of any benchmarks? You'd think this would be a pretty common question, with people updating their boards, and it wouldn't be hard to benchmark...
  8. I have 2 matching Crucial 512 meg sticks, and a Dell 4600 Dimension with 800mhz FSB. The system runs fine with PC2100, but can't be OC'd, so the RAM will only run at 266mhz. What kind of performance penalty can I expect? Any links to articles examining this subject? TIA, Dave
  9. This WD 40 gig 7200 rpm drive has been selling for over a year now. I'm guessing that the platter sizes have increased since its release, while number of platters has shrunk... But the WD website doesn't indicate this, still says 4 platters. And I don't know how to make out what exactly is inside this drive... Maxtor, OTOH, makes this easy with their model numbers. It's a WD400BB-75DEA0 , Manuf date July 7 2003. TIA for any help, Dave
  10. Thanks for the update, I had almost given up looking. D
  11. Just a quick bump for this helpful thread, along with a request for info on the differences between OEM and retail versions of the NTI software, if anyone happens to have them. TIA, Dave
  12. Thanks Gilbert, that's what I suspected. I reckon it won't be too tough to adjust my filesave routines so that this is a less of an intrusion. In any case, it does indeed seem a small price to pay for ISO functionality. BTW, those of you intrigued by this program might check to see if it came bundled with any burners you bought. I had a Pac Digitial 16/10/40 drive from a Staples black Friday sale that had the whole version 5 package included. I'd ignored it altogeher for Nero until reading this thread. That reminds me, any material differences you all are aware of between the OEM and retail versions?
  13. I'm not sure what happened to my reply from last week, but let me try again... first, THANK YOU to all the helpful replies to this thread! I really appreicate it. Second, a question for Gilbert or anyone: NTI's FileCD apparently requires you to eject and then close the CD tray every time you want to save the file in ISO format. This is a very tedious process, and I was wonderng if there's a workaround I'm not aware of? Having said that, I am thrilled that the program has ISO functionality. What a great idea! And I assume the eject step isn't needed when you use the program only as a UDF writer...? TIA, Dave
  14. Hi All, A full quarter after XP's release, ahead has not updated their InCD product for use with XP. I rely on packet written CDs and like their product, but can't afford to wait much longer. Any free or cheap alternatives that would tide me over would be MOST appreciated! Thanks, Dave