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  1. I can see clearly in the HDD forum a thread with RE4 in it yet when i search your search engine says this No results found for 're4'. eh?
  2. Mad Ad

    Storage Review Site Update

    Excellent news. I've thought in recent times that it wasnt all it could be here, glad to see its going to have a revamp
  3. Mad Ad

    How hot are your 7200.8s?

    Ok, 1) Yes those readings were out of line- even if I shut down to cool off and rebooted, it still reported the same 127C 2) I did in the end break the raid array so I could connect one of them to the IDE channel. Thats what ive been doing all this evening :/ Guess what, i think they are too new, nothing can sense the temps, I tried ALL of these: Activesmart242 D Temp HDD temperature 1.4.206 HDD thermometer v1.3 Instalspeedfan421 PCW2005 v164 Even tried seatools but they dont have temp monitors. As for cooling, I have given up and whacked a spare 92mm fan by the intake- seems to have taken the edge off of it but I can hear it- no point getting quiet drives if you have to spin fans to deal with the heat, ahh well, ive ordered a 120mm panaflo, that should work nicely on 7 volts - heres hoping.
  4. Thats no necessarily true, I have 1TB of 7200.8s (4x250) and a 60G GXP in one box, right next to it is a box with a 7200.7 and another 60G GXP that whines a bit. Guess which one I can hear over the whole lot - yeah the whiney 60G, the rest are so low level that you dont realise theres 6 other drives running once you take the noisemaker out of the equation
  5. Mad Ad

    How hot are your 7200.8s?

    Thanks for the replies- seems the opinions are from cool to toasty. Well I tried speedfan, it does not detect the TX4000 raid card, but there are 4 sensor readings that I cannot account for all reading 127 Degrees C. with the scratch drive at 50 Degrees C. yes thats 127C, or 261F ..... thats outrageously hot isnt it?
  6. Is it just me or are these 7200.8s really really hot? I have 4 of them in a case with an older GXP120 and the GXP is barely half the heat of the 7200.8s. I can put my finger on the side of the GXP and its hot, but not unbearably hot, but if I put my finger on any of the 7200.8s they are twice as hot and I cannot hold my finger on it for more than about 6-8 seconds. Should I be worried? Is twice the temp normal on these? This is all with the case open, im frightened to put it on tbh. Im ordering a 120mm fan to place infront of my drives but I dont expect that to help much. Right now im thinking of getting a big heatsink and drilling holes so I could join up all 4 hot drives with it but really id like to know if this is necessary and if these 7200.8s are ok being hot. Thanks for any help Ad
  7. If you want fast unzips or copys, forget running swapfiles on the main drive at all- get a second drive just for the swapfiles. using a file of size 844,779,600 (0.8GB) I copied it from one partition to another on the same drive, first with the temp folder on the same drive, then with the temp folder on a seperate HDD. I also tried it on a raid 0 array, with and without the seperate temp drive. Here are the results. Drives: All IBM 60Gb GXP120s OS: XP Pro, Mobo: Asus P4S800 Raid: Promise tx2 Normal Single to Single, Temp on single: 2min 35sec Raid 0 to Raid 0, Temp on Raid: 2min 16sec Seperate Temp Single to Single, Temp on Raid: 0min 41sec Raid 0 to Raid 0, Temp on single: 0min 38sec Quite a difference eh? All from adding a seperate drive as your temp. As you can see, raid makes a small contribution (not much tho). I did try to put 2 raid arrays in so I could test Raid 0 to Raid 0 with the swap on a seperate raid 0 but the drivers would not play ball and the system was unstable. I have not tried it, but with results like that, I feel that even an old legacy 5400 speed drive would boost performance, if thats all you have. Certainly beats farting around defragging or re-aligning your swapfile here and there on a drive.
  8. Mad Ad

    please critique this setup

    No matter what you do, it makes so much sense having the swap on a seperate drive, its worth an ~80% reduction in unzip/unrar time, noticable if you do things like unzip CD size files even occasionally. eg my 2 drive raid 0 took 2m16s to fully unzip a 844Mb file on its own, the same file took 0m38s with the temp file on a seperate drive to the raid 0 drives (all drives were 60gig gxp120s). Big difference, very big.
  9. Thanks for the reply, no theres nothing on EE, I checked, I have a free account atm. The way microsoft describes it it must be in systemroot, not sure if theres any way to edit that path. Is ntldr hackable? Ive never heard it is
  10. Can it be done? The consensus elsewhere seems to be no but im not sure if that means perhaps it can be but few know how, mainly because I cant find why it cant be moved. Does anyone know for sure please? How do I move it or why can't i move it? I want to put it out of the way on the drive ive moved my swapfile to. Thanks for any help Ad
  11. Mad Ad

    boot.ini entries

    now that would be useful if it works - sounds simple enough, hopefully the fact that the xp instals will be cloned copies of each other wont matter.
  12. Mad Ad

    boot.ini entries

    Quick post just to say thanks for the help chew (and others). If this doesnt work i could probably do something like boot switching in bios, if all else fails I can just make a shaped copy of everything important (both o/ses, same partitions and all) to the single and disconnect one or the other physically- thats inconvenient tho. Anyway ive not found spare time this week to set the partition up, ill post back when I do. sechs - im trying to get 2 xp o/ses, each on a seperate drive, to use the M$ bootloader (boot.ini) on the primary boot partition, its something I can see will be a problem as soon as i clone the o/s over. Cheers all Ad
  13. Mad Ad

    boot.ini entries

    I have just split my raid array and now have configured drives like this. 2x60Gig 120GXP - Raid 0 - Promise TX2000 - PCI Bus 1x60Gig 120GXP - Single Drive - IDE1 I have both 98SE and XPPro dualbooted on the stripe. Mobo is an asus p4p800 I want to play around and do some testing before I upgrade to bigger drives. I want to ghost my xp boot partition (currently drive E on the stripe) to the single drive and realised that i would need to know how to edit boot.ini to select which instal each boot. Looking at my current boot.ini its simple, 98 is on c (partition 1) and XP is on e (partition 3) [operating systems] multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(3)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect /sos C:\CMDCONS\BOOTSECT.DAT="Microsoft Windows Recovery Console" /cmdcons C:\="Microsoft Windows" Ive googled at M$ and the web, the info that M$ give is incomplete on this specificly (surprise!) and the other web data contradicts with what little M$ do give (naturally!). rdisk values seem to be ide channel descriptions but that makes ide1 master the same rdisk(0) as the stripe. Added to that, there seems to be some disagreement as to whether disk is only ever (0) or not, especially since ARC conventions suggests that it can only be 0 if multi(0) is used, which it is being an ide raid card, not a scsi bus, and there it starts getting into explanations about int13 calls to find the OS and to me, thats getting messier by the minute. So to save me from insanity have others come up against this and what would the entry be to boot an XP instal on the single drive please? Thanks for any help
  14. Mad Ad

    External usb2 cases for a dvd-rw?

    Has noone got any experience of these? (cut and pasted from linked page) SNT-2512B2 Aluminium External IDE Box for 5.25" CD or HD to USB 2.0 port PRODUCT CODE 2515-1035 Features This compact and lightweight external enclosure is ideal for housing IDE optical drives or other backup solutions designed to be mounted internally within a PC case. Using this device you can easily convert them into an external and portable solution. The fast USB 2.0 interface easily handles the data requirements of CD-RW and even DVD-RW or DVD+RW drives and can help you make the most of your resource while offering a saving over the cost of buying a pre-built external device. Software and a USB cable are included. Simply install your IDE device and plug the USB cable into your PC, simple! Specification: Interface: USB2.0 to IDE Cooling: 1 x 4cm cooling fan Power Supply: 1 x 100-240v AC power supply offering DC output in standard 4 pin PC style for connection to your chosen device LED: Power and HDD activity LED Compatible Operating Systems: Win98SE/ME/2000/XP Mac 9.X or higher Connectors: AC input, Audio Output, USB Material: All Aluminium Frame & Metal Tray
  15. Ive got a sony dru500a dvd-rw 4x (24x cd-rw) and usb2 on my mobo. I was thinking of running it externally using one of these: Thoughts please anyone? I dont want to spend money on a lemon but I would like an external unit so I can put the pc in a cabinet. Will I be limited on data transfer or have problems that ive not seen? usb2 is 480mbs yeah? is that ample for the 4x/24x area that im gonna be in? Whats the maximum cable segment length I can run on usb2 for it? Will both win98 and XP see it ok? What about running nero - will that see the drive and write to it ok? Aspi problems? Thanks in advance for any help, Im a bit clueless when it comes to running external devices.