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    Refreshing Network Card

    Sure is amazing that I work 2pm to 12am and that that post was made just a little bit after school lets out huh? I don't have access to a comp at my job. If you guys can't figure that out then I don't know what to tell you. Tell you what, someone email admin of this board and have them bann the ip who is making all this mess. That will solve it real fast.
  2. Stainless

    Refreshing Network Card

    I admit and know it's childish but I personally don't like people taking cheap shots at me and lying about me. I think my post above explains what's going on well enough. This will be my last response to his ignorant posts. You guys can believe what you want.
  3. Stainless

    Refreshing Network Card

    Can you not ever stand up and face what you do or do you always find a reason to blame it on someone else? Everyone knows you are a liar. You admit it in your post above. You have had three screen names on here and in every one you denied knowing me and now you finally slip up and admit you do above. We can all go back and look at your posts under xtacy310, godchaser9600 and now Southsiderebel11. You try and blame me for every single little problem you have with your computer. You post here on average 2-4 times a day with a stupid question on a problem your having with your computer. Can you not see your computer is Problem Prone? Apparently not, you go the easy way and blame me. You want to know why I quit taking your phone calls.. It's because I got tired of you calling me every five minutes at all hours of the night asking me "how to fix this, how can I fix that, what do I do now". If you would just give it a little time and energy you might be able to do something on your own but your too lazy and you just want someone else to do it for you. I agree not every thing can be figured out on your own and that's what makes this a good board because there are alot of smart people here. And now the part about you complaining to the isp about me slowing down your internet. You know as well as I and everyone else here that the more people using cable in your area at a particular time the slower the bandwith is going to be. Now don't go post asking if this is true, look it up yourself. We live pretty close to each other and some times my internet sucks too but I don't go blaming you for it and calling the isp company complaining. That's just the way cable works and that's why our isp blows you off when you call to complain. But I am sure you probably argue with them telling them they don't know what they're talking about just like you do everyone else because your the smartet man in the world. As everyone now knows since he admited he does know me let me tell you about this boy. He will be your best friend when he wants something but as soon as he gets it, something snaps in his head and he turns into an asshole. He will completely forget that five minutes ago you just got done helping him. Everyone who knows him knows this. I don't understand it myself. If someone were to help me (as I have done for him many many times before) I wouldn't treat them like crap right after the work was done. I let him borrow a video card and some ram for almost a year and when I told him nicely that I needed it back because I was building a another computer, he told me to *uck off and that he was gonna break it. I even gave him fair warning a month ahead of time but he still reacted that way when the day came. That's why I don't talk to him anymore and it just burns him up. I got tired of the back stabbing. And now the last part. If I were supposedly doing all this stuff to your computer, how would I be doing it? You install a different operating system on your computer every two days (that's the truth guys). Maybe Microsoft should pay me a couple million a year to work for them in their security department since I can supposedly go right through their OS with just an ip address. I don't think that's possiable. Anyone else agree? If that were the case I could hack anybodies computer in the world so why would I just waste my time on you. You see my point? Start taking responsibilities for your own problems and actions. I think that sums it up.
  4. Stainless

    The words Under God

    Some people work for a living and then there are some (like you) who collect disability off the government (me the tax payer). If it weren't for taxpayers, people like you would have to get off your lazy asses and pay your own bills.
  5. Stainless

    IP address

    I have heard it all now. In your mind your telling us that the only thing a hacker needs is an ip address to hack your computer? You need to study up a little more little boy.
  6. Stainless

    OT: Poll of people who have used illegal programs

    No thanks, playing here is just fine.
  7. Stainless

    TV Player for TV Card

    If you would by something that was Always Save brand you wouldn't be having these problems.
  8. Stainless

    OT: Poll of people who have used illegal programs

    Fagchaser9600 aka Xtasy310... When did I ever say I didn't use cracked programs and such moron? I was responding to your ignorant statement where you were pretty much saying software companies owe YOU something for a cheaper price or for free just because you didn't like the price of it. Give up dumbass. Do you ever wonder why you don't have any friends and everyone at your school whips your ass? It's because nobody likes to be around your know it all attitude.
  9. Stainless

    ATI TV Wonder VE Capture Card

    Thought you said you didn't have an onboard sound card? It sure is funny how someone who supposedly doesn't know you knows more about your computer than you do huh. Guess I'll leave you alone now since you were crying to your mommy every time I posted in your threads. His mommy asked me if I would quit because he was actually crying to her every time I made a post and she was getting tired of listening to it.
  10. Stainless

    Yamaha XG Player won't play audio cds

    I guess because the same reason you done it last time? Because you made yourself look like a RETARD.
  11. Stainless

    Yamaha XG Player won't play audio cds

    LOL @ J-frog's post. FagChaser9600, it's time to change your user name again.
  12. Stainless

    Yamaha XG Player won't play audio cds

    Maybe if you were in Special Ed.
  13. Stainless

    Yamaha XG Player won't play audio cds

    No I just think it's funny that your in Honors English and you can't even write a correct sentence and you always think you know it all. You should have never logged in to my user name and denied it and this wouldn't be happening.
  14. Stainless

    Yamaha XG Player won't play audio cds

    Give up FagChaser9600. Everyone can see who you are just by looking at your poorly written sentences. YOU build a computer.. lol now I have heard it all. You couldn't even figure out how to unhook a cdrom a few weeks ago untill I showed you and you even almost screwed that up. Come crying to me telling me I done exactly what you showed me and now my computer don't work. Well, I didn't show you how to pull out the motherboard power supply did I. Quit pretending your someone else.
  15. Stainless

    Yamaha XG Player won't play audio cds

    Suit yourself FagChaser9600. Hope you burn your crappy compaq computer up. Then you'll will be begging me to to finance you'll one again.