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  1. RichYoung

    Gigabit Switches

    I went with option #1 and it worked. No issues. Wish everything was that way. ...Rich
  2. Hi, Purchased a Sony FSV-M3/640 in working order less drives. It also turns out the documentation, software, and disk transports are missing. So the system does post but I can not find drives for it. The boot screen shows the Promise PDC 20275 ultra/133 message. The 640 would seem to indicate 4 x 160 ultra 133 drives but the dual chip PDC20275 controller has 80 pin sca female connectors. So far i have not found any adapters that will convert this to ultra/133 ata. Please help. Thanks, ...Rich 925.824.1773
  3. RichYoung

    Anyone Use The Adaptec 1200a?

    Have you noticed that Norton Ghost comes with APIs for Adaptec cards but doesn't support my LSI card?
  4. RichYoung

    Anyone Use The Adaptec 1200a?

    I also have the card. Just checked Adaptec's website and didn't see anything new? ...Rich
  5. RichYoung

    Poor write perfomance Above are the Microsoft links on the subject.
  6. RichYoung

    Dynamic Dicks

    Having a less than dynamic dick makes it hard to answer this question. Hopefully someone single, younger, and more dynamic will be able to help you. Either way you look at it the subject is an attention grabber. ...Rich
  7. RichYoung

    how would you rate WD,Maxtor,Seagate

    Seagate, Maxtor, WD. I have no data to support this. ...Rich
  8. RichYoung

    WD2500JB : SE? Warranty? Scam?

    Who is BB? Thanks, ...Rich
  9. RichYoung

    WD2500JB : SE? Warranty? Scam?

    I just purchased a WD2500JBRTL off of eBay. The package clearly states 3 year warranty. Item number: 2767351601 ...Rich
  10. Did you give it a try? ...Rich
  11. RichYoung

    RMA'd 45gb 75GXP - 60gb 180GXP refurb recieved

    I RMAed two DeathStars (dtla-307075) with completely different experiences: 1) Gateway: They sent me a new drive and box along with the shipping material to return the old drive. Cost to me $0. The new drive was brand new and a non-IBM drive to boot. It was 80gb opposed to 75gb. Greatway is really great to work with. 2) Hitachi/IBM: I had to buy a box plus pay for shipping of the box and the drive. My drive was returned to me with a form letter stating because of physical damage it was out of warranty and to not return the drive. One of the pins had been pushed in a bit. Very difficult to detect. I know the drive was working when I sent it though I had some failures that were corrected after doing a disk scan?? ...Rich
  12. RichYoung

    Lowest cost of PCI-X entry

    Just realized that the Tyon Trinity does not have an AGP slot so I am going to hold off for now. Also I would had to add USB 2.0. Thanks, ...Rich
  13. RichYoung

    Lowest cost of PCI-X entry

    You are right, and not a cheap board either. What do you think of the Trinity GC-SL? I assume it will fit in my case and replace my P4T533-C. For $140 is seems like a great deal. Only 3hrs 20min to go. As Sivar points out I don't really need it until I get several more drives. Truth be known there really isn't anything in my system I really need. Thanks, ...Rich
  14. RichYoung

    Lowest cost of PCI-X entry

    Great information Sivar. Do you know of any boards that only support 64/33 or 32/66? I was not able to find any.
  15. Hi, I really want to get to PCI-X to take advantage of my LSI21320 that is running RAID 0. Using my existing CPU, P4 2.53 I believe I could go with the Trinity GC-SL (S2707)GNN 533FSB Tyan Motherboard. There are a couple on eBay at $140 with just 14 hours to go. Any thoughts on this board a better solution. Thanks, ...Rich