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  1. I have a a 256g Samsung 840 pro on a intel z87express. I have ended up with a spare 256 840 pro and was wondering if the my understanding of intel rst is correct- I cam just hookup my 2nd drive go into the prog configure for raid 0 with those 2 drives and the prog will take care of the rest. and I wont loose any info... is this correct and how robust/safe is it? I believe Samsung mag will not wok though raid right(I used it t osetup a 20%% op on my drive) ty mike
  2. mike2h

    840 EVO 250GB - Benchmark ok?

    my 840 pro is primary and gets numbers very close to advertised. I think the is probably due to my op at close to 25%. I did the same thing to my old 830(secondary) and it is actually getting numbers slightly higher than advertised. so maybe try op and see what happens.
  3. I pretty much agree with everything you said, just curious about Plextor. why do you consider them irrelevant? if it their lack of market penetration/availability I get that, but you said there were various reasons and Im curious as to what they are.
  4. are the re drives receiving the same enhancements?
  5. mike2h

    Samsung 840 EVO vs. 840 PRO

    in the us the pro has 5yr warranty vs 3yr for the evo. something to consider.
  6. mike2h

    Reliability a premium

    bd? 25 gig disks are finally cost effective . a 25 spindle of 50 gig verbatim(my fave brand) can be had for $180.not sure what re-write disks cost.
  7. Samsung pro, Plextor pro.
  8. mike2h

    Plextor M5S price?

    did not know that, ty. that aside the 'pro' vers is only $10 more at newegg y wouldn't u go with that? im pretty sure plex gets top bin nand from Toshiba. not so sure about micron/intel. unless its a significant diff in price id go with the higher quality(assumption on my part) everytime. and you get the newer controller with the pro.
  9. mike2h

    Plextor M5S price?

    as far as I know Plextor works only with Toshibas nand. and is a 'prefered' partner with them
  10. from everything I have read and my own limited experience you can just pick your capacity of either brand and find the cheapest one for that size. personally I would go with the Samsung 840 pro(going to be my next buy).
  11. what he ^ said. and yes, the official name is 'sshd'.
  12. mike2h

    Backup Software

    there was giveaway on this site a while back for 'EaseUS todo' software, any of the winners or other users of that program have opinions/comments? any info on either/other backup programs appreciated.