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  1. Thanx a lot for information. I think I'll try Abit NF7-S because of cost/performance ratio.
  2. I forgot to mention that playing games is not of an importance to me. I'm a software developer n my own. I've just read somewhere on the internet that installig two DDRs in nForce2 can incease overall memory access. This should be very important for me because I compile very large projects under C++ (because of this I have SCSI, this has sped up project linking times more than 2x against IBM 7200rpm IDE, 2MB cache) . And as a hobby, I'd like to have a good performace for computing SETI@HOME units. Is there really no important performance between nForce2 and KT600? Concerning Intel, I have no wrath against it, I just only must consider price of my upgrade. I plan to buy AthlonXP 2800+ (Barton). Thanx for opinions.
  3. Hi all, I'm planning to buy faster Athlon XP (I currently have XP2100), but don't know which board/chipset will offer the best performance for now. nForce2 or KT600? I need to have good SETI@home performance. I don't want to buy Intel. Thanx a lot.
  4. Hi, I'd like to hear your recommendations on safest IDE drive. I plan to fit a couple of same drives to server. I'm not interested in drive speed, I'm interested in drive reliability ONLY. I plan to buy several Seagate Barracudas 7200.7 120 GB U-ATA 100 for their capacity/price ratio. Is this good choice? Any experience with these drives? Thanx in advance.
  5. Hello, I'll try to reply your question as comprehensive as I can. Since I was using UltraWide SCSI adapter Buslogic-Mylex BT-950 with Seagate Cheetah X15-LP, I found that this adapter is not sufficient for managing Ultra160 performance, even though it guarantees 40MB/sec. Therefore I bought Kouwell KW-898B dual channel Ultra160 SCSI adapter with LSILopgic 53C1010-66 chip onboard. I must say, that every U160 drive WILL (not should!!!, again: WILL) work on U160 capable host adapter on U160 channel using UW cable (not twisted, not any LVD). However, the drive(s) performance attached to this cable will be downgraded to 40MB/sec max. Therefore I recommend you to buy U160 cable and the performance reveals from that. You will notice performance boost when you have fast drive(s). Remember, you will not use 160MB/sec bandwidth completely unless you have your U160 HA fitted in 64-bit PCI slot. There is lot of other stuff and information which I can provide, but let me know what you need to know. This was really only BRIEF INFORMATION, please do not consider this as an exhaustive information from me P.S. I'm an SCSI HW developer and SCSI active home user. If you need any help, feel free to contact me....
  6. A single-unit evaluation model of the new Cheetah 15K.3 drives will each cost $939, $519, and $289 for 73-, 36-, and 18-Gbyte capacities, respectively.
  7. Sorry. forgot to uncheck checkbox 8O
  8. What has been improved? Only STR? All other info from Seagate seems that nothing else was done for performance improvement. What difference is between ST318452LW and ST318453LW? Performance?
  9. Has anyone tested these? What about ATTO benchmarks? Where is it possible to buy these high tech drives? Will it outperform 36-LP's ??? Thanks for Your opinions.
  10. zvonas

    Ideal choice for a SCSI controller?

    I agree. Is there cheaper Dual Ultra160SCSI card with 53C1010-66 ever??? Big Thanx to Kouwell.
  11. Hello, has anyone tried to use multiprocessor on background compiling in Borland C++ Builder? My configuration is not fast enough for my large projects. I also switched to SCSI, it helped MUCH with linking to EXE. When compiling, it takes me a lot of time (aprox 6 minutes rebuilding project in BCB 6 Enterprise) when waiting to finish. I would like to buy Althlon XP, but if someone uses 2 processors with BCB, please let me know if this background compilation runs really faster on 2 processors or not, when you disable one of them. When it is considerably faster and background compilation thread is well used on SMP systems, I can then reconsider to buy AMD MP system. I think background compilation thread works perfectly on SMP systems, but can someone confirm this or are here only gamers here on storagereview.... :cry: Thanks a lot, developers.
  12. zvonas

    Ideal choice for a SCSI controller?

    I am using tha same BIOS revision as you. My kouwell SCSI SDMS BIOS revision is 4.18. I have attached 2 X15 drives and 1 SCSI CDROM drive NEC 32xmultispin You can contact me on ICQ if you want to discuss this problem.
  13. zvonas

    Ideal choice for a SCSI controller?

    They have an error on their website with 264 MB bandwidth. It is REALLY 64/66, it uses LSI Logic 53C1010-66 Chip and it is 64 bit PCI card. Dual channel. Really fast
  14. zvonas

    Ideal choice for a SCSI controller?

    www.kouwell.com.tw www.koutech.com Model KW-898B Have a look at it. If You want more info, about it, let me know.
  15. zvonas

    Ideal choice for a SCSI controller?

    It's dual Ultra 160 SCSI card and works perfectly in 32 bit PCI slot on my ECS K7-S5A. This card is also 64bit/66MHZ compatible as someone mentioned above. I use this card and am VERY satisfied with it, what is offers for that money for start. I assume noone will reply to my reply with things as: Tekram DC390-U3D has more cables, 50 pin convertor and so... If you want the cheapest Ultra160 card, buy Kouwell, it's dual and also when you will want to upgrade in future, you can buy cable for more devices. There is attached U160 cable with 3 connectors(2 devices) and terminator. Also 3 connector 50 pin cable and one 3 connector UW 68 pin cable is attached.