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  1. ironsheep

    Athlon FX in Opteron Board

    wow, prices really skyrocket when you get into the 4,8 way versions. damn. I wonder why the hell that is.
  2. ironsheep

    Athlon FX in Opteron Board

    ok, I thinks I got it. in the numbering sequence for the Opterons the first number denotes how whether that processor can work with other processors and how many. 1xx (will only work by itself). 2xx (will work in a dual proc setup). 8xx (will work in an 8 proc setup). Is this correct? I wonder if the FX is a remarked 148, is there a hack so make it work with another proc perhaps?
  3. ironsheep

    Speed Differences

    Actually Gigabit ethernet could make a huge difference. And make the raid array worth it (although if you are striping the drives and this is a server I would say don't do it). Of course you would need to connect the server to a device that can handle gigabit. Perhaps a switch with one gigabit port for the server, and the rest 100mbps.
  4. Does anyone know if an Athlon 64 FX will work in an Opteron board? I need to find a good board that has high bandwidth PCI slots (at least 64bit/66mhz if not PCI-X). So far my search has not turned up any single proc boards that have the high bandwidth PCI slots. It would be great if I could just snag an Opteron board and put one....maybe two? 64 FX chips in it. SCSI raid and 32bit/33mhz PCI don't mix well.
  5. ironsheep

    Megaraid 1600?

    I know how all this stuff works in a server environment. To think, I used to wonder why they put external connectors on SCSI raid cards....silly me. So of course when you have a large server that is being hit all the time cache is extremely important, up there with system memory and whatnot. Hmmm, are there any good I/O benchmarks a person with no bank account can get there hands on, if even for a day.
  6. ironsheep

    Megaraid 1600?

    I will do that. If I remember right the onboard proc is an Intel i960 running at 100mhz. Looked up some info on the 1200, That's the Enterprise 1200 right? I will assume it is because I found no other megaraid 1200 product. peak bandwidth for that device is 40MB/s per channel. One of my Fujitsu's could saturate both channels (theoretically that is of course). As for the processor, I have seen the i960 advertised in many different raid cards, although it seems adaptec has taken it's product line to the 80303. Hmm, and even it's U160 raid cards had it too. Anway, how important would you say the amount of cache is? the card I ordered has 64 on it, I can go up to 128, hmmm, I wonder if they work over spec like most mobo's. put 256 in it maybe?
  7. ironsheep

    Megaraid 1600?

    I am using a 29160, I don't see how a seagate 15k on that adapter could beat four stripped Fujitsu MAP's. As for the card being old, the 29160 is pretty long in the tooth as well, maybe even longer. Over 4 years old I think. What do you think a good stripe size would be for a fair balance between raw transfer rates and still being able to quickly transfer many smaller files?
  8. ironsheep

    Megaraid 1600?

    Hello, I guess it's a little late to ask you guys, but.....I just purchased an LSI Logic Megaraid (at least it's LSI now, I think is used to be AMI??? not sure) 1600. It is a dual channel U160 raid card (Dell has it's own version PERC3 /DC err something like that). Plans are to use 4 10K Fujitsu drives and stripe them together for max performance, don't worry I have a server where all my crap is backed up. Not that hard drives fail or anything . I just wanted to bring it up for criticism....what do you guys think of the card ( I love the drives so far). What do you think I should set the stripe size for? Comments and especially critism welcome. Thanks.
  9. do you guys know where I can find some comparison benchmarks for these cards?
  10. I have seen in several posts that Adaptec SCSI RAID is "...crap...". Well, if you don't like Adaptec SCSI RAID then what brand would you choose? I am looking for a RAID adapter for my 2 (soon to be 4) Fujitsu MAP 10k rpm drives. I was looking at the adaptec 2120S (single channel U320). Now I am looking at the LSI megaRAID 320-1 ($400 at ) Any information is greatly appreciated.