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  1. Western Digital 80 Gig 7200 RPM 8 MB Cache, any good? Any one own one, are they a good drive? I have been using Maxtors for the last 3 years. Thanks. 8)
  2. I love this drive, and all I can say about the Disc@2 is WOW, what a great feature to have. I love this drive, I have teamed it up with my Yamaha 3200 drive. There is a heaven! You can buy the new F1 at BestBuy.
  3. I have Memorex with the screw on cap as well as some FUJI with the screw on cap. I noticed when reading the type of dye, the Ritek say Short Strategy while the made in Japen say Long Strategy. What is the difference and is this the reason the made in japan media works better?
  4. Bonzo the Chimp

    Beware of W2K SP3

    I just installed SP3 on my work computer with W2K and it works with out a hitch. In fact it seems a little bit faster after the install then before.
  5. Bonzo the Chimp

    Just received internal SCSI CRW-F1

    The newest Yamaha CDRW drive is one great product. I have the IDE version and man its nice writing lables right onto the disc. So far this drive rocks!
  6. Bonzo the Chimp

    Just bought the Palm m130, it won't hot sync

    Don't know what I did but this thing is hotsyncing like mad now. I think it is something to do with Windows XP. My work computer runs Windows 2000 Professional and it worked the first time I tried to do a hotsync. I think the problem on the XP computer was the fact that the Palm m130 was set to hotsync through the infra red port. I don't know why Palm would have sleceted that as the default hotsync port but once I changed it and fiddled around with some setting in the Palm software it started working like a champ. I am impressed with the color of this unit, in fact it beats my Jornada 548 hands down.
  7. Damn, Palm might have just got me. I bought the new Palm m130. It is the 100 series of their hand helds. Well first off non of the 100 series items fit the m130, you have to buy the items that fit the m500 series. i.e., extra cradle, and the key board. So I have to return both the cradle and the key board tommarow and hope I don't get charged restocking fees because both boxes are not open. I just want to exange them for the correct ones. But on the bigger problem, I cannot get this thing to sync with my computer. I keep getting the same erro message: (Hotsync Problem, Unable to initiate HotSync operation because the port is in use by another application.) I have shut down everything I can think of and still no sync. Well after about two hours of trying on my desk top, I pulled out my lap top which does not have a lot of stuff on it. Installed the Palm Desk Top and I will be damned if I don't get the same message. Now I am getting really POed here. I just unhook the USB cable and I hit the hotsync button again, and it still tells me the same err mesage and its not even hooked up to a computer. ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Does anyone have any ideas? I went to the palm site but I could not find anything to help me there. THe threads that did deal with hotsync problems did not have any useful information. To bad, as I will hate to have to take this thing back because it seems like it will be a nice hand held. I have a HP Jornada 548, but I don't use but a couple of features in it and the palm really does work a little easier. I am giving the HP to my wife or I will sell it.
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    Just bought the Palm m130, it won't hot sync

    I finally got the m130 to do a hotsync. It seems the unit comes form palm setup to do a infrared hotsync instead of a cradle hotsync. The cradle button still does not work properly to do a hotsync, you have to instead perform the hotsync on the palm unit itself. You would think a company like palm would have made sure they put out a fully tested product and not this half baked thing. This is such a shame as the m130 is a really nice unit if only the hotsync problems were not such an issue.
  9. Bonzo the Chimp

    Best Laser Printer Under $400?

    Both are great printers that just keep on printing and printing. No problems with any of my Brother printers.
  10. Windows XP uses clear type to make the on screen text much better. Go in and turn off the clear type and you will see program really pick up speed. You won't like the degraded type on screen. I keep the clear type turn on so the I have to live with the longer loading of files and programs.
  11. If not for people like you in public on line forums bragging about Windows XP and how you are now going to install the same program on your moms computer that you just installed on your own, well lets just say that you need to go buy your mom's computer a copy of the program instead of stealing from Microsoft. Every machine you copy that program to just causes the price of software to go up because of your stealing it to load it onto several machines. Where did you buy a corporate version of Windows XP anyway, I bet it is a cracked version and pirated as well.
  12. Bonzo the Chimp

    Need a Laser Printer !

    A technician at a repair center told me to stick with a business class HP or Okidata and avoid Brothers and Toshibas all together becuase of parts availity and quality of design. I don't know what your tech is doing to the Borthers, but I have 5 of them, 3 1240's a 1440 and a 1650. All of them are super printers and just keep on going. I have had several HP lasers over the years, and I see them as being any better then what brother is offering today. I also have owned an Okidata, while it was a good printer it did bit the dust after about three years of use. Panasonic is now making two lasers with built in duplexing, one of them is a 15 PPM that sells for 249.99. Don't look at high cost as a factor to buy a laser, they have been around long enough and they sell enough now days that the prices are not so high, unless you are buying HP who is just taking advantage of their customers by over charging them. For me it is Brother Laser Printers.
  13. Bonzo the Chimp

    Upgraded to Winders XP, now no USB devices

    If you did an upgrade try deleting the unknow devices. XP should then see them and install them properly. You may need to bite the bullet and just format and do a clean install.
  14. Bonzo the Chimp

    Need a Laser Printer !

    New lasers are so cheap now that you are waisting money on used ones. Buy a new laser and get the warranty. I like Brother lasers, how ever if lowest price is what you are after buy a Lexmark laser from your locar Office Depot or Best Buy.
  15. Bonzo the Chimp

    Nero 5.5 and Windows XP won't burn above 8x

    Nero/Yamaha/Window XP, all used together with no problems buring at top speed of 24x.
  16. Bonzo the Chimp

    Nero 5.5 and Windows XP won't burn above 8x

    I have no problems burning at 24x with Windows XP and my Yamaha 3200.
  17. I have just finshed setting up my Dual Display system. Computer: Gigabyte MB, AMD Athlon 800 MHz Thunder Bird, 512 MB of Crucial PC 133 SDRAM, nVidia 32 MB DDR AGP video card, ATI 16 MB xpert 128 PCI video card, Two KDS Avitron AV195TF 19" Trintron Monitors, Sound Blaster sound card, Kenwood True-X 72 CD Rom, TDK 24/10/40 CDRW, Zip Drive 100 MB, 3 1/2 floppy drive, 20 gigabyte Maxtor 7200 RPM hard drive, Case is an Enlite with two extra fans for cooling. So far this is great, I can open two different programs that share common data and work on them both at the same time. I never thought it would make that much difference having two displays until I tried it.
  18. Bonzo the Chimp

    Recommendations on the best laptop sub $2k

    I own a Compaq with the Athlon 4 One GHz in it. The system is rock solid stable and fast as all get out. I am glad I waited for the Athlons to make it into the NoteBooks.
  19. Bonzo the Chimp

    TDK VeloCD 24/10/40

    I own the TDK 24/10/40 drive. It works without any problems for me. I also own the Yamaha 24/10/40 drive and it to works great. I like the Yamaha drive a little better then the TDK, but I can't knock the TDK. Both have never made a coaster.
  21. Bonzo the Chimp

    36x 12x 48x CD-RWs!!!

    I see my Yamaha 24/10/40 hangs right in their with the 32x drives for the most part. I think maybe Yamaha went the right direction with their new drives with the way they chose to record. Their drives have been very fast.
  22. I own both the Yamaha 24/10/40 and the TDK 24/10/40. Both drives work fine with OfficeDepot CD-R media. They both also work fine with TDK media, Fuji media and Memorex 3 inch CD-R media. Can't say how the plextor handles different media, but both the Yamaha and the TDK seem to handle different media fine. I have even used Datalife pluse from Verbatam with no problems. :roll: