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  1. dr.ralph

    Debating which SSD to go with...

    I agree with you ! I own an iMac 27 Ultimate but because of firmware incompatibility issues between the iMac's Intel chipset & SATA controller and the OCZ Vertex 3 firmware the Vertex 3 drive does not run as smoothly as the Intel 510 drive does. Hence I bought the Intel 510 256 gb drive for my new iMac 27 Ultimate and never looked back even though the 510 is clearly slower than the Vertex 3, it still runs solid and definitely faster than the Toshiba SATA II 256 gb SSD that my iMac 27 came preinstalled with As long as Intel SSD drives runs more stable I'd sacrifice and take the small performance drop with a smile. Maybe OSx Lion, Win 7 and Photoshop CS 4 open 1-2 seconds faster, but when compared to the old HDD where we talked about 10's of seconds or even half a minute, 1-2 seconds is NOTHING when compared to the extra reliability and warranty of the Intel SSD drives. As it is - I currently only look at tests of OCZ SSD drives - but buys Intel SSD. Same with smartphones - sure the Samsung SG2 & HTC Desire are both nice, but they are no 'IPhone' and will never be Same with Sony Vaio & Lenovo Thinkpad notebooks. Great laptops, but I'll take a MacBook Air (New one out soon) over both any time !! Sorry for going OT ! I still hope Intel will go back to using their own controller in their ssd's once again, but with the 510 running so well - maybe they won't...... ---- Vh/Regards Claus - TapaTalk on my Ip4
  2. dr.ralph

    New OCZ Revodrive coming - WHEN ?

    I Could've guessed that Want to know WHEN - a month or date of release !! ---- Vh/Regards Claus - TapaTalk on my Ip4
  3. Hey, When will the new pci express revodrives be here ? ---- Vh/Regards Claus - TapaTalk on my Ip4
  4. You're most likely right - but in my case how would you spread data, OS and programs on my SSD drives ? ---- Vh/Regards Claus - TapaTalk on my Ip4
  5. I've been contemplating going all Apple but constantly knocks my head on the door because apples stuff is outdated - only the MBP is new with sandy bridge and SATA 3 and still most new if not all SATA 3 ssd's give you beachballs. So thought to myself - get the best of the two worlds - a new MBP 15 ultimate for university and job and then when at home connect it to a apple led cinema display 27" and enjoy OSx and their best programs. Then have a selfbuild Lianli PC monster connected to either a dell 3011 30" led or a apple led 27" in dual setup for all the games and my heavy Adobe photoshop, indesign and illustrator work. Apple guys hate this fact, but adobe cs5 programs run better in windows machine than on mac machines, including photoshop cs5 Have heard of driver trouble with hackingtosh pc's, so will avoid that route unless I'm mistaken ---- Vh/Regards Claus - TapaTalk on my Ip4
  6. WoW the SATA 3 numbers are not that impressive compared to same priced vertex 3 SSD Now I must reconsider what to get ---- Vh/Regards Claus - TapaTalk on my Ip4
  7. dr.ralph

    OCZ Vertex 3 Prices and Ship Date

    Still wonder if the intel might be the safer buy, knowing what kind of trouble OCZ have had with their past generation SSD drives. I know this 501 now has a marvel controller and not an intel, but still guess the intel might be the safer overall purchase - I can accept a little speed disadvantage over getting a more reliable SSD drive ---- Vh/Regards Claus - TapaTalk on my Ip4
  8. I agree with on all your points I may not see or notice the difference - but there will be a difference, no matter how minute it will be I'm currently contemplating getting a new Sandy Bridge PC Lian Li system - TOP TOP TOP of the line, i7 2600k, OCZ Revodrive x2 pci express for OS, vertex 3 240 for programs and Seagate momentus xt 500 gb for most often used photo files, docs and code (I design websites) and a 3 tb HDD for music and movies, 1000 watt gold plated corsair psu, Asus Maximus mobo, lianli PC-x1000 tower, Radeon 6970 2gb, 24 gb ddr3 1600 MHz corsair dominator ram and a dell 3011 30" led. But because I love OSx I also think of going with a MacPro with over expensive outdated SATA 2 connections for the same price - and if I go for MacPro SATA 2 I probably won't notice if I spread data over several SSS but if I go the lianli SATA 3 sandy bridge route, I do think I will see the benefits of several ssd's. What do you say ---- Vh/Regards Claus - TapaTalk on my Ip4
  9. dr.ralph

    OCZ Vertex 3 Prices and Ship Date

    How fast is the vertex 3 240 gb compared to intel 510 240 gb ? Has the vertex 3 same trim and garbage collection as the intel drive ? Thx ---- Vh/Regards Claus - TapaTalk on my Ip4
  10. I was always under the impression that the fastest system was a system Where you had as many SSD drives as possible, each with different types of files in them: 1 SSD for OS 1 SSD for programs 1 SSD for files This morning I had a discussion with a geek and he told this is not always faster to place files that way. He told the SATA connections and the chipset communicated in a way where it wouldn't give me any speed gains if I placed data on one vertex 3 SSD and programs on another vertex 3 SSD. He said once the program is loaded and open - and you want to open a file placed on the same SSD as the program, you won't notice any sped gains compared to a situation where the data you try to open is placed on another separate SSD drive of same model and size. I say he is obviously wrong. It must always be faster to spread your data and programs over several fast identical drives, rather than having them placed on the one and same fast SSD drive. What do you say ? ---- Vh/Regards Claus - TapaTalk on my Ip4
  11. I just turned into a fanboy of the worst caliber Ordered an iMac 27" instead of the original Apple Cinema Display 27" - returned my new MacBook Air 13 ultimate and sold my selfbuild home PC - my needs are more in the direction of what an iMac at home and a new summer released MacBook Air 13" with backlit keys can offer than constantly adding and selling stuff from my home brewed monster PC. I guess I'm growing up - will miss building my PC, but will not miss the constant doubt of when I should upgrade CPU, mobo, ram, SSD and gpu. Now I just have to follow the apple fanboys and upgrade once a year I know we will see an iMac with thunderbolt and sandy bridge this summer but I will do just fine the next couple if years with this iMac : 27" ips led 2560x1440 2,93 i7 Quad CPU 8 gb 1333 MHz DDR3 ram Radeon 5750 gpu 1 gb 256 SSD DRIVE internal - OSx + iWork 2 TB HDD internal - music, pics, movies & docs 2 TB TimeCapsule 2 x 2 TB WD Studio Design external Magic mouse + magic trackpad Full sized Apple Alu USB keyboard I play my games on the playstation 3 and don't do a lot of photoshop nor webdesign anymore - and I got tired of constantly waiting for modified Sandy Bridge chipsets for motherboards, new generation SSD's, new ivy bridge in the fall - and felt disappointed over the new marvel based Intel 510, so bought the best (arguably) looking computer ever designed and will buy the best ever designed laptop come summer - the MacBook Air And I'm not I will notice a decrease in speed to be honest...... So I'm officially a fanboy now, but I still have the guts to admit that I hate Apple but also love them enough to not hate them so much like I used to do ---- Vh/Regards Claus - TapaTalk on my Ip4
  12. dr.ralph

    Wine of the week.

    Hey Never thought a wine thread would emerge on a storage forum for geeks I'm into the thicker red stuff - and I drink red wine 4-5 days a week and special beer the other 2-3 days if the week - never more than half a bottle a day though. I try to stay in good fit shape, so have to cut down on the calories of this stuff ! Also have never tasted a White wine, where I would prefer it over a similar priced red whine - so in short I never ever drink White wine anymore. My Favorite red whines are: Italy: Almost every Amarone I can find Stronger Nebbiolo types I also enjoy, but avoid all Barolos because of the 100's of Barolo I've tasted, they were all let downs for my taste. Much prefer a strong Brunello to a Barolo - 10 out of 10 times France: Prefer the stronger thicket Rhone whines and Cote D'Azur wine. Among the thinner stuff - my favourites are Bourgogne wines, my all time favorite being Chevrey Chambertin, a fantastic tasting mild red whine but rather expensive too. Hate or dislike all the commercial Bordeaux stuff......even dislike expensive Pomerols and Margaux wine Among overseas wine- my favourites are Shiraz and Cabernet from Aussie land, South Africa, Argentina, New Zealand and some stuff from California. Avoid wine from Chile. ---- Vh/Regards Claus - TapaTalk on my Ip4
  13. dr.ralph

    Storage Solution - For Cigars

    Guess not On a side note I have an old Seagate 10K Scsi drive I can send you. It has the perfect interior surroundings for cigar storage ---- Vh/Regards Claus - TapaTalk on my Ip4
  14. dr.ralph

    My children's future is ruined.

    Since the latest version of Chrome came out, I've dumped IE & Firefox completely I'm a HUGE chrome lover now ---- Vh/Regards Claus - TapaTalk on my Ip4
  15. When you load the app there's a search function for supported forums you can search in. At the moment my 2 Favorite Danish Smartphone forums support TapaTalk and Overclock.net and macrumors.com all support TapaTalk Now also this great forum !! ---- Vh/Regards Claus - TapaTalk on my Ip4