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  1. Drives attached to their contemporary integrated controllers would not be/are not bottlenecked by bandwidth or chipset limitations. (Obviously, if you attach a current ATA drive to an UltraDMA33 controller you will be bottlenecked.)For burst rate transfers, the limiting factor was (and still is, for the most part) is the drive electronics. I don't recall any ATA drive being able to utilize full bandwidth of it's interface even during small burst transfers directly from the drive cache. I can't recall any 3Gb/s SATA drives utilizing 100% of the interface bandwith (for burst transfers from cache) even today. Mostly because there is really no practical reason for the drive makers to spend the resources to make it that way; the burst speed is essentially irrelevant in the real world. 16MB takes .05 seconds over a 3Gb/sec link; so what if the drive can only achieve 2Gb/Sec - then it takes .064 seconds.
  2. Integrated ATA controllers have been off the PCI bus since Socket 370/A chipsets dominated the Intel/AMD markets, if not slightly before then. Intel i810 was the first Intel chipset to use the hub architecture and move the integrated devices off of the PCI bus; various VIA and SIS chipsets quickly followed.
  3. sdbardwick

    Why I Hate Modern RAM

    Using the (or Crucial UK) memory selector has always worked for me (at least 9 chipsets, 4 memory technology generations and 100+ modules). It's not the cheapest or the fastest, but it works.
  4. sdbardwick

    where are XP desktop settings stored?

    Might have to look through HKEY_USERS\[userID]\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Desktop\General as well.
  5. sdbardwick

    where are XP desktop settings stored?

    If you can get to the registry: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Desktop\General Wallpaper=path\filename
  6. sdbardwick

    where are XP desktop settings stored?

    "C:\WINDOWS\Web\Wallpaper" ? And look at creation or access date?
  7. sdbardwick

    FDISK Question

    ...and the smallest cylinder size in modern drives is (just over) 8MB: 1 [cylinder] * 63 [sectors per track] * 256 [heads per cylinder] * 512 [bytes per sector]
  8. sdbardwick

    PCI x8 video cards

    I know Matrox makes one; there might be others. Matrox G550
  9. I like your signature at the bottom that tells me my IP address, ISP, OS and Browser that I'm using. I don't see anyway of hiding that info if I want to post on this forum. Nobody sees your info; they only see their own info.
  10. sdbardwick

    problems with dual Opteron system

    If you get a sine wave output from the PS, you know there is a major problem! Perhaps Trinary meant power supply as in the AC wall outlet. Output from the PS should be essentially flatline (DC) with minor ripples.
  11. sdbardwick

    Disk Imagining/Server Deployment

    True. However, there are ways to change the SID post-install. Here is a decent discussion and tool.
  12. sdbardwick

    Hard Disk Calculations

    Read the reference guide section on hard disk geometry: link to first page of section.
  13. sdbardwick

    What's the fastest processor available?

    Perhaps because even if the program is not MP aware the Core 2 may still be the fastest processor. The Prime95 program used in the benchmark results I linked to does not support processor parallelism; the results are from a single core. That said, Prime95 includes lots of hand optimized assembly language FFT routines, so it might not be the best benchmark for non-optimized applications.Even without the application being MP aware, you can pick up some speed from Windows using the other core for housekeeping. Unless there is a compelling reason not to consider multi-core processors, I am at a loss as to why you won't consider such a processor. Not exactly what you are looking for, but good for relative ranking.
  14. sdbardwick

    What's the fastest processor available?

    This is a really loaded question right now. It would depend on what you are doing with it. It's not a loaded question. He's looking for FLOPS. That's based on cpu architecture. Nothing loaded about it. There should be a single answer. I just don't know it. Teldar The answer will also depend on the degree of code optimization within the application. Pentium 4 (Netburst) processors running programs using well-coded SSE2 for floating point operations can dramatically outperform Athlons; the upcoming Core 2 processors are looking impressive as well. A rather specialized example is GIMPS (Prime95).
  15. sdbardwick

    Raptor or 15k SAS drive as boot

    In server (multi-user) enviroments, yes. In single user environments, not so much. The 15K will probably boot faster than the Raptor.