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  1. I was somewhat surprised by the vast differences in the multi-user benchmarks. If I read the graphs correctly, the WD drive does about 40-50% more IOps at greater loads than the Seagate? I was wondering if the read-verification on the Seagate could have any effect here - I suppose it's a small effect, since writes have only a small part in the generated activity. But still... Isn't there a manufacturer tool that could disable write-verification? I used to have an old Maxtor DM (the last one without fdb, forgot the model name) that could be accessed from a boot floppy to set this...
  2. Regarding vendors: they must comply with legal regulations in your country/state. E.g. in Europe, it is forbidden to offer less than 2yrs warranty.
  3. Warranty Statements Hitachi: Maxtor: Samsung: can't find link, policy to date is 3yrs on all drives Seagate: Western Digital: Hope this can be a sticky or something. Handy reference for me, too...
  4. John_Glenn

    Best 80-120g, 7200, 8mb Drive?

    Thanks for correcting me. I didn't know they changed policy. The 200gb model also comes with 3yrs warranty:
  5. John_Glenn

    Best 80-120g, 7200, 8mb Drive?

    You can check the performance database (top of page). You can order by noise/heat there. Since it doesn't allow to order by platter densities, I'll help you there: Seagate Barracuda 7200.7, Samsung P80, Hitachi Deskstar 7k250 will have 1 platter at 80gb. Also Maxtor DM Plus 9, but it isn't a sure thing (different platters under same model name). 120gb on two platters: just about every model tested in the last two years. 3yrs warranty -> no Seagate. Other brands will give that for their 8mb cache, 120gb models. Samsung: all models! WD1200JB is not a fluid bearing model.
  6. John_Glenn

    Quiet Fans

    Yes, the bearings add to the noise. But somewhere up from 1500rpm or so, this is rather an insignificant addition, being only a percentile of the noise generated at the blade surface. For low rpm, large fans (the 120mm type in particular), the bearings are more significant. I should indeed have been more precise in stating this.
  7. John_Glenn

    Quiet Fans

    With fans, noise does not come from the bearings mostly. The noise comes from the blade surface. Hard drives don't move air...
  8. It contains lynx, which is a console based web browser.
  9. John_Glenn

    Maxtor 80.0gb Model:l01p080

    It's definitely not a DM+8; these have only one head, not allowing for 80gb. Looking at the specs they're just retail packings of the DM+9.
  10. John_Glenn

    Building Silent Shuttle Xpc

    That seems a contradiction... Also, although I've never actually heard an XPC, I can't believe any >200W PSU that is cooled by a 60mm fan can ever be considered silent. Their newest model has an external PSU - perhaps that's something?
  11. John_Glenn

    Good Headphones For My New Audigy 2 Zs

    If you're looking for FPS gaming headphones, there are very cool Zalman headphones with surround mode. I don't know about their sound quality hifi-wise. There are stripped down drivers available at, but iirc these are not for gamers.
  12. John_Glenn

    2 Hard-drives - Please Advise

    Sounds fine. To get optimal pagefile layout, you can move it off the system partition after installing windows, defragment the system partition, then put it back in one massive chunk. Oh, and I forgot to mention: if you want to put the docs+settings in the second partition, you'll need to perform an unattended install. There's information on a lot of sites about making unattended install discs. Most of them don't mention this option though: add something like ProfilesDir="D:\Documents and Settings" to [GuiUnattended] in the winnt.sif file.
  13. John_Glenn

    2 Hard-drives - Please Advise

    I keep my program files and system folder on the same partition. Since the distance between them is closer that way, this should be speedier than having the program files in another partition. Since you don't often change program and system files, it's easy to keep them unfragmented. Not so for the documents folders, which in winnt also hold the temporary (internet explorer) files and such. This is why I install those to a separate partition. Data that don't change over time, like my audio-cd images, are kept in yet another partition. These don't fragment, but it would be inconvenient to put them on the system partition, since I reinstall winnt all the time... Btw, you can tell windows at install time to put the docs+settings folder on a separate partition. Hope this helps.
  14. *****! I forgot to add the link.
  15. Here's a review that tests the other way around: PATA performance (bottom, in red), PATA-on-Serillel-adapter performance (middle), SATA (upper). Notice that the tested BarracudaV offers native SATA, while the BarracudaV PATA on Serillel represents a bridged solution of the same drive. The more interesting is it, to see that the bridged solution outperforms the native solution.