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    Hitachi first to announce 1TB drive

    hi I wonder what external cases you will need to let this thing fly, when it already uses 8-9W idling (or powering up, which seems still to be unknown)? regards nicola
  2. Did the drive's motor started spinning? (Some of these external cases have power supply unit which can't ensure enough current for starting up the HDD - some HDD models could start, some not) the power supply can deliver 2.0A for both 12V and 5V - and the motor starts spinning, yes - though it does not seem to intialize (no sounds of heads moving). regards nicola
  3. hi there! I have small problem: I recently bought a raidsonic external USB/SATA case "IcyBox IB-351StUS" for SATA disks. I intended to use a spare 300GB DiamondMax 10 disk with it - the problem: it does not work. the disk does not even seem to be recognized by the external case itself, let alone register on the USB host (both win2k and linux 2.6 tried). BTW, I am the guy with the 2TB fileserver (see ), it's about a spare disk of the same type I used there. now I made some web searches and it turned out that maxtor apparently: 1. released a new version of the diamondmax 300GB as of feb. 2005, which apparently corrected "non-compliant SATA pinouts" (see - it's in german, search for diamondmax 10, babelfish will help you) 2. released a SATA II version which seems to be incompatible with the Asus A8N-SLI deluxe mobo (strangely the same mobo I used for my 2TB fileserver, with 8 pieces of the _old_ diamondmax 10 300GB drives), and that maxtor provides a HD-firmware upgrade on request (see ) FYI, my drive was manufactured 02. sept. 2004, its full type is: DiamondMax 10 300GB 6B300S006531A now: can anyone confirm/explain one or more points from above? who is to blame: maxtor (because their old SATA drives are not SATA-compliant) or raidsonic (because the SATA drive works flawlessly on my Asus A8N-SLI deluxe mobo, but not in raidsonic's external case)? thanks a lot! regards nikee
  4. hi the reason for this strange pattern could as well be re-allocated sectors, which pull the bandwidth curve down because of the seek times to the re-allocated sectors, which might very well be anywhere on the disk surface... if however there are still bad sectors, forcing the drive to write every adressable sector should normally re-assign them. on linux (and on windows with cygwin, though only on file-system level IIRC) you'd do this with: # dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda bs=1024k if after this procedure the drive seems to deliver a smooth curve with your test, the bad sectors should have been reallocated. be warned though that this does not protect you from a failing drive! there is only a limited number of spare sectors... regards nicola
  5. hi Twistacatz the price/capacity-ratio was the best with maxtor 6B300S0 300GB, they are SATA and not that slow. as a plus they are quiet and don't run hot at all. for the other question: I would switch to win2k3 (or any windows variant) only after hell had frozen over... regards nicola
  6. hi yanman port replicators can be a good idea in cases like this, however I doubt there is a SiI 3726-based product on the market yet - SATAII is too new at this stage - if anyone knows of any product, please let us know! regards nicola
  7. hi frobnitz about the last drive not coming up: I bought a Thermaltake PurePower 560W PSU which is rated at 22 amp on the +12V rail. however, I cannot say if this solved the problem, as I am not constantly rebooting my file-server just for fun... regards nicola
  8. hi sy080 you can try out iozone, which is free: another option (less complicated) might be german magazine's c't h2bench: regards nicola
  9. hi > > crazy people even think about the internet as a transport... > This is not so new. if you think about iMac and other internet-file-drops, indeed. however, having a block-level access over the internet to some disk is certainly not so common. if it makes sense, is a totally different question... > One must remember if your provider allows you > to use let's say 10 GB download a month and 1,5 GB upload a > are going to surpass THAT. SO? at least here in switzerland, bandwidth limits don't exist anymore with most plans - however, raw speed is not that great, ADSL is limited to 2.4mbit/s downstream and 512kbit/s upstream. regards nicola
  10. You can do the same with hardware. 199834[/snapback] given you use the same hardware, down to the same firmware revision - else you will run into trouble... but things get difficult once you don't have access to the original hardware used to create the array (be it because of hardware failure or other reasons). software raid in linux does not even need any configuration to detect correctly an existing raid array. the drives can be connected any way block devices can be attached - even if they are spread over 42 different controllers (this includes disks accessed over a network, crazy people even think about the internet as a transport... regards nicola
  11. hi first, there are already nforce4 motherboards that have as secondary sata solution a chip with two ports only. second, the 3132 can be used with port multipliers. the circuitry for this is supposed to be quite cheap. I hope that there will be some regular PCIe cards based on the 3132 chip as well... regards nicola
  12. hm, that's indeed good news for those who waited with buying currently available nforce4 motherboards... hélas, I bought too early for this nice piece of hardware... regards nicola
  13. yeah, right. factual argumentation is so old-fashioned! so long nicola
  14. hi Twistacatz LOL, and I thought you had a S2460 (like you wrote in an earlier post) - even better! I'm looking forward seeing (resp. reading) your list! regards nicola
  15. hi Twistacatz I had to smile when I read your post. I never had the impression you would take away anything from my machine. I know perfectly how proud one can be if some home made hardware (or software, by the way) works really well. I am (like you seem to be) a dedicated bricoleur and DIYer. about the performance: your numbers are stunning and I'm of course a bit jealous because of the big bucks I spent for about the same speed you have... I am tempted to write a follow-up to my follow-up and lining out how you managed to get such a good price/perfomance and price/capacity ratio. is the specific hardware (like mobo, processors etc.) still available as new products? or can you only get them through ebay and the like? so we could put together a list of pieces which would give people even more bang for their bucks! ps: your tyan mobo has 64bit 33mhz slots - maximal throughput of this bus is 33*10^6 * 64 / 8 bytes per second = 252 megabytes / second. very fast, agreed- still, if you had a RAID1 array, it would have gotten tight... SCNR!