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  1. Will there be a single platter version? For those of us using this as a boot drive size was never an issue, I still have my GD360 with plenty of leftover space.
  2. Wow these #'s look great. Is there any news on the next generation Raptor?
  3. tntomek

    SATA DVD drives?

    Which DVD would you SR memebers recommend? Will befinatley be doing DL when the media is the right price. Im leaning toward the NEC 3540. Plextor is just too much.
  4. tntomek

    SATA DVD drives?

    Interesting that the Plextor has to have a compatibility list. I don't foresee Blueray/Hdtv burners becoming practical anytime soon as they are fighting over standards. To add to that our DL media, even tho its been for sale for quite some time is still unreasonably expensive. Is the Plextor really worth it tho? Its more then 2x the price of al other burners and it doesn’t even have LightScribe.
  5. tntomek

    SATA DVD drives?

    I disagree, what is the compelling selling feature for people looking to upgrade their DVD burners? Speed seems to be capped @16x and the only other selling feature I foresee is LightScribe(sp?). Many people building new rigs will want to go pure SATA because it is clean and not for the speed. Hard drives are already very near the price of their IDE equitant.
  6. tntomek

    SATA DVD Burner

  7. tntomek

    SATA DVD Burner

    Any idea on when we can expect to see SATA DVD burners. I am looking at a replacement DVD drive with no urgency but would prefer to invest in a SATA drive to get rid of my parallel cables. I know Plextor has a drive but that is over $130and I just can’t justify paying a 2x premium for a optical drive. I apologize if this question has already been asked but the search ignores <4 letter words.
  8. tntomek

    DDR Dual Chanel Slow+Fast memory

    I know my mobo supports faster timings/speed and Gigabyte tech support said I can do it but they don't 'support' it. Has anyone actually tried filling all 4 slots and changing the clock back to 400Mhz from the downclocked 333? Any ballpark figures on performance gogin from 400>333 on s939 AMD 64 3000? amdoverclocker2, are you running 4/4 RAM or is that some server board. So assuming I have EXACT same ram would anyone recommend gogin 4x512 @ 400Mhz? Using 2-3-2-6 OCZ
  9. I know they talk about boot up but what about just having a ultra fast OS/App drive? Who needs a Raptor for OS when you have this. Thoughts? PC World Source Taiwanese hardware maker Giga-byte Technology has stumbled upon a faster way to boot up PCs based on Microsoft's Windows XP operating system. Giga-byte's IRam is a PC add-in card with four DDR DRAM (double data rate dynamic RAM memory) slots that's designed to be used as a PC drive. Because the IRam uses DRAM rather than a hard disk to store information, data can be retrieved from the drive up to 60 times faster than is possible with a hard drive, according to Giga-byte, which showed the board at the Computex exhibition in Taipei this week. The IRam was originally designed for video and editing applications where users require fast access to very large files, but the company soon realized that the IRam had other potential applications, says Tim Handley, a marketing account manager at the company.
  10. Just a technical question regarding DC DDR If I have a GIG of high quality (CAS2) memory in 2 slots and I add 2 cheaper sticks (CAS 3) will that slow my fast memory timings to run at the slowest speed? I don’t think a game is going to use more then a GIG but when I work I often have my system resources all tied up so I am considering investing another GIG but I wouldn’t want my cheap added ram to affect my performance of my games. Cheers!
  11. tntomek

    Star Trek: ENTERPRISE

    ********** SPOLIER ********** I can't believe the way the season ended. I would have been content with them returning to earth and the Andorians having teleported Archer or something like that but the way the season ended was disappointing. Hollywood cant just conclude a good story and start a new one the following season. I guess there is a good reason why the timelines went back all the way to the 2nd world war but why must we find out about it now... Anyone have any explanations?
  12. tntomek

    Java Rockets To The Heavens

    If you are refering to my post. We do have the resources to make ASP.NET front-end work. What I am asking is how practical the ASP.NET/Java back solution really is. This would be an eventual migration to a total .NET solution. What are the technical hurdles and if there are any serious performance considerations.
  13. tntomek

    Java Rockets To The Heavens

    The most recent Java versions are as fast at most things as C++, and faster than C#, with the exception of the trig TAN function, which seems to have a bug that'll get fixed with the next release I'm sure. I agree, Swing has always sucked. The SWT stuff that they use in Eclipse seems much better. If you've ever used Websphere Studio 5 I think you'll agree. Websphere Studio 5 can be very slow to launch, but that's something that the Eclipse team will work out with the next release. There are many projects currently underway where I work which are .NET front-ends which communicate with J2EE backends. This may be an ideal solution. C# is a blatant copy of Java however. Bill and his gang barely even tried to one-up Sun. They just copied the whole structure of the language. If .NET/C# gains any significant marketshare, Sun may sue MikeRoweSoft. Hi Supercaf... Both myself and management want to shift to a .NET solution but it is not feasoble at this point. I proposed a ASP.NET front end combined with exisiting Javabackend. Do you have more information on how to make this solution work? Any links would be greately appreciated. Regards
  14. tntomek

    Raptor Or Not To Raptor ... Noise ?

    Almost forgot, the RAPTOR IS QUIET and there is no picth (I have July model). My comp is on 24/7 and I sleep in the same room. Get an Antec Sonata case as it has rubber base for every device in the case(incl fans ) its super quiet with the right heatsink for your CPU.
  15. tntomek

    Raptor Or Not To Raptor ... Noise ?

    Hi I just bought a fairly decent system myself, 36 Gig Raptor(Couldnt afford the 72) for boot and used my old WD120 gig for data 1 Gig DDR400 CAS 2 RAM and a Barton 2600+, in about a year or so when the 400FSB XP come out ill get one for another $100 and still hav e arockin system. Disable the page file, tweak with Tweak-XP And you will swear youve never used a faster system in your life. Ive installed everything on it that I could imagine includng VS2k3,SQL Server/Office and tons of other small apps and still no performance decrease.