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  1. i've had 8 ocz vertex, so i would have voted for "speed" 6 months ago but now? well, 8 of 8 vertex are dead. so i'm voting for reliability
  2. well, 4k read/writes are far from good, but that's probably resulting from the use of 4 different types of ssds got myself 8 30gb vertex and an intel rs2bl080 (lsi megaraid 9260-8i) gotta say, i'm quite happy with them
  3. which raid controller delivers the best performance with raid1 arrays? Areca/Tekram ARC-1210, PCIe x8 AMCC 3ware Escalade 9650SE-4LPML, PCIe x4 Promise SuperTrak EX8350, PCIe x4 i know that 3ware speaks of a (up to) ~3,5 time performance increase due to "twinstore" (when using massive amounts of small parallel requests)
  4. Ulukay

    RAID 0 Game level loading

    no surprise - ®aid0 for games or normal applications is ridiculous i've said this for years - storagereview has said it for years - almost anyone who's a bit familiar with real storage solutions said it ... but nooooo the nforce kiddie front ignores every fact ...
  5. i'm searching for a scsi controller for pcie 4x or 1x i can only find very expensive pcie 8x scsi raid controllers (and they do not fit in a 4x slot)
  6. Ulukay

    Via Sata Makes Me Mad**&&%!

    i never had a single problem with ANY via chip ... and i got problems with 1 out of 1 nforce2 and 1 out of 1 sis chips :eyes:
  7. Ulukay

    Raid 0 Stripe/cluster Size

    16K Stripe / 4k Cluster
  8. Ulukay

    Excessive Storage.

    hmmm 6 x 120 gig raid5 (WD JB @ 3Ware) 2 x 74 gig raid0 ( 2 x Raptor @ VIA SB) 1 x 80gb WD JB 2 x 60 GB Seagate 2 x 40GB Maxtor = 1148 GB
  9. Ulukay

    Raptors 74gb In Raid 0

    got my 2 raptors ... (@VIA VT8237)
  10. anyone tried it on a WD Raid5?
  11. Ulukay

    Western Digital Raid 5 Fix

    i've got 6 120jbs on a 7506-8 first i tried raid5 atto scored about 7mb/s write and 105 read after i converted it into a dynamic disk i got 40mb/s write and 110 read but it was damn slow, it's hard to explain - but a single drive would give a better performance so i tried a raid0 over all 6 disks, atto told me: 20mb/s write, 110read as dynamic disk 70mb/s write and 120 read and the feeling was MUCH faster, the windoze xp install was 2 times faster than on the raid5 array so i benchmarked with iometer (fileserver performance) raid5: Transferrate: 3mb/s IOs/s: 250 raid0 Transferrate: 8mb/s IOs/s: 760 single (scsi) drive scores about Transferrate: 5mb/s IOs/s: ~400
  12. Ulukay

    Western Digital Raid 5 Fix

    the patch only disables the acoustic setting in the wd drives
  13. hmm i got 6 x WD 120GB JB for it ...
  14. Ulukay

    how would you rate WD,Maxtor,Seagate

    WD +++ Seagate ++ Maxtor + Hitachi/IBM - based on failure rates of many Desktop PCs in our firm