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    Seagate Barracuda ATA V

    I am a little confused... ok maybe a lot. The review of the SATA cuda V indicated the performance gains primarily due to the 8MB buffer, when compared to the ATA cuda V. Yet on seagate's website, and some of the online retailers, I've noticed there appears to be both a 2mg and 8mg ATA V. I also noticed another drive, the 7200.7 (I think) in 120gb. So it seems there are 3 different ATA 120GB cudas that one can choose from... argh! I can't decide if I should spend a little more for the 8mb buffer, as it seems (is this correct) that storage review hasn't looked at it. Also, is the 7200.7 something that I should consider as well (and, um... what is it). Thanks a lot in advance.