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    Audio question

    Hello All, I am swapping motherboards to gain the NVIDIA nForce 2 chipset and more supported RAM. I am getting an Asus A7N8X motherboard that has onboard: SoundStorm™ / Dolby® Digital Audio (Deluex Model) Experience the full power of surround sound audio with the NVIDIA® SoundStormv™. With the integrated APU (Audio Processing Unit) you will feel the impact in games or music. And with the only Dolby® Digital 5.1 encoder you can hear it all in amazing digital cinema clarity on your home theater receiver or digital PC speaker system. I have an existing Sound Blaster Audigy MP3+, and I wanted to know which would have better audio quality. Should I disable the onboard audio on the Asus and use the Audigy, or should I give the Audigy to my brother and use the onboard audio? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. OGCacheMoney

    Clicking noise again with Western Digital disk

    Replace the hard drive at once. Clicking should never happen after bootup.
  3. OGCacheMoney

    long XP boot times/failure to boot

    Maybe this isn't the best hobby for you.
  4. Um.......How is the hard drive dead? Is the hard drive recognized in the BIOS?
  5. OGCacheMoney

    Case Temperature

    Nevermind guys. Switch the position of the IDE cables, and relocated a case fan, and I am down to 73.4 degrees. Thank you for all your help!
  6. OGCacheMoney

    Case Temperature

    Edit: Almost forgot, I also have: Lite-On CD-RW 48x30x48 Lite-On DVD 16x
  7. OGCacheMoney

    Case Temperature

    AMD XP 1800 Seagate 80 GB 7200 RPM Maxtor 120 GB drive 7200 RPM Sound Blaster Audigy MP3+ ATI Rage 64MB AGP 4X Using standard 80 wire ribbons cables and would like to keep it that if possible. P.S. I actually work for Maxtor Technical Support for ATA drives.
  8. OGCacheMoney

    Case Temperature

    So you would suggest adding a case fan to increase the circulation?
  9. OGCacheMoney

    Case Temperature

    Sorry about the spelling and grammar. I am extremely busy as work.
  10. OGCacheMoney

    Case Temperature

    Hello fellow geeks, I have a slighty easy question. I have a Chieftec server chassis with a few devices installed including two IDE 7200 RPM drives. I notived that the temperature of my case is around 112 degrees Farenheit. Is this normal? Is this too hot? Would a couple more case fans (Have 3 currecntly, not including CPU fan) bring down the temperature?
  11. Wow, that's a good indication not to buy any drives on E-Bay. You claim that the hard drive is dead, and said that the diagnostics software did nothing? Hmmm...Sounds suspicious to me. :roll:
  12. OGCacheMoney

    Im Fed up. Never buying Maxtor Again.

    Have you tried running the Maxtor PowerMax diagnostics on the hard drive(s)? Perhaps a good Low Level Format could remedy the problem. If not, give them a call, and get an RMA. 1-800-2-MAXTOR Monday through Friday 6AM to 6PM MST. You only need the actual drive for an RMA, but they suggest running the diagnostics first.
  13. OGCacheMoney

    Rounded IDE cables

    Most of the rounded cables are past the 18" that the normal IDE cables have to be at. That can cause data corruption or loss, if Im not mistaken?
  14. OGCacheMoney

    Rounded IDE cables

    No one knows? Bu Bump...