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  1. Currently using a Samsung SM951 M.2 as a boot drive. Thinking of replacing it with a newer Samsung 960 EVO M.2 as a boot drive. What is the differences between the SM951 and 960 EVO?
  2. Guess AMD drivers are a problem with firmware updates for Samsung SSD. Ended up using a motherboard with Intel drivers to update firmware. Guess you can also change an AMD chip-set motherboard drivers from AMD to Microsoft generic drivers, to get the firmware to work (on and AMD based system)
  3. Why not get a 250GB SSD drive and install it in the new laptop and use the hard drive in the new laptop as an external storage device. And your old laptop hard drive as a back up drive, load it with copies of your music and video files and date and leave in a drawer.
  4. Wow, as I can't get the firmware to install thru Windows, it recomends makes a DOS USB boot drive, thru the Frimware update, but that feature is not in the frimware update section, can't find it anywhere, guess Samsung removed it.
  5. The Samsung Magician software says my EVO 840 is frozen, tried remvoing and reconnecting the SSD, which is what Magician told me to do, did not help. Should I maybe send the 840EVO to Samsung to update the firmware?
  6. I've used Samsung's Magician software several times to try to update the firmware in my 840EVO 500GB SSD. Both when it was the Win 8.1 boot (C:) drive and as a storage drive on a Win 7 Pro PC. But the Magician software just keeps giving me the "fail" message. Any idea on what I might be doing wrong?