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  1. Not sure that I can take your word unless you can provide where you got this information. I do agree with the 700+ thread being full of too much BS that isn't necessary.
  2. ionfusion

    hypermicro good dealer or not?

    I like them, great prices on SCSI Drives, free shipping by mentioning storagereview. Was shipped the next day(ordered the day before in the evening).
  3. ionfusion

    ATA versus SCSI

    I upgraded to the 15K Cheetah from IDE Raid about 5 months ago. All I can say is there is no going back (well at least on my main computer). I keep an IDE in the computer for storage, mp3s, and Swap file. So I get the benefit of speed and space. When the Cheetahs come down in price I am going to hook another one up to my Raid Card, woohoo. If you are on a budget, IDE is still nothing to bark at.
  4. ionfusion

    Next good time to buy a new CPU/MB?

    I am holding out for the Hammer Series from AMD.
  5. I haven't used IDE Raid for some time, but that does seem too high, but not by much. The cheaper IDE Raid cards are very dependent on CPU which could be the cause. I am not sure how your drivers work with that card, but are the drive running in UDMA. Aslso, do you have your most recent chipset drivers installed for your mobo. Just some things to check first.
  6. ionfusion

    Fun/Grief at Circuit City

    Circuit City is a joke, I have only had a few salesmen that I have liked. I usually leave the place in a bad mood. The only thing the gets me out there is to check out certain products that most stores don't carry. I still cringe though.
  7. Sorry about the third post in a row, but here is the link...
  8. BTW, when you LLF your drive(s), it will take a very long time as you may know.
  9. Sure, do a search and using "low level format" there is LLF utility by Maxtor (I think) that let you do this. If you have a problem, email me @, I will email you the file tonight.
  10. My 75GXP came back, I turned on the computer when I got home and it spun right up and no grinding noise. Woohoo, not sure how long this is going to last but at least I can LLF the drive now.
  11. The drive lasted two days after the update until the grinding noise came back. Before that, everything seems nice and responsive. Must be the hardware engineering sucks.
  12. Yes that was the generic firmware upgrade. But again, I was having the grinding noise occur before the upgrade, but that noise went away until recently. I think the drive was already falling down. I did not low-level format, which is something I was considering to do. I will not buy anymore IBM drives for the desktop.
  13. My IBM 75GXP went bye-bye! I installed the update firmware, seemed to be running fine. Then the grinding noise came back and the system will not recognize the hard drive now. Seems the firmware: A. Did not work B. Was too late getting installed C. Made things worse Oh well, RMA is the next thing.
  14. This is a follow up concerning the firmware update. I ran the setup to install the firmware and everything went good. It booted into Bos mode from a diskette and detected my old firmware and asked to upgrade. It was very easy and I am seeing no problems.
  15. ionfusion

    Simple Master/Slave question

    st63z, That is an interesting question. Why not make the channel either DMA or PIO... Because I know that if you pop at ATA33 Drive with a ATA100, they both will operate at ATA33. Does the same happen with PIO (when one of the two are in PIO mode)? Good question...
  16. ionfusion

    Serial ata drive

    When is Serial ATA coming out?
  17. Anyone know if this new firmware posted on Adaptec's Site is good?
  18. ionfusion

    Power management and Win2k

    You can try what Skallas said, I have not tried or known about that, so I can not speculate. I couple things though: 1.)Check in Power management and go through all the tabs and see if there is a check off box to turn APM on, I had that same kind of problem because I setup my computer to run in Standard Computer Mode, but the option was there. 2.) Not sure of how this would work on a BX so do so at your own risk. You can go into Device Manager and see if you have Standard Computer listed. If so, do an update to Standard Computer and select ACPI Computer in the Microsoft section and let it reconfigure during the next reboot. This enable the Windows APM/ACPI functions which include soft shutdown. Again, I do not know what this would do to a BX chipset, your OS may be rendered useless. I do know that this works on new MBs by experience.
  19. ionfusion

    What's after AMD760 MPX?

    My opinion on the matter is... Hammer, yeah baby. These will be Dual capable CPUs running 32/64bit. I know this is a later 2002 launch, but hey I answered the question.
  20. You are a brave man! Let us know how things work.
  21. ionfusion

    Serial ata drive

    True, but I do like the thin single ended serial cables which I would prefer to use when they are out. I currently use Rounded Single-Ended IDE cables right now which are nice. But those thin serial ones will get me drooling.
  22. The SIS735/745 are the more stable than any VIA based systems I have built, which is quite a number. My Tiger Tiger had problems only when I tried to use my existing DDR unregistered, but once I upgraded to DDR ECC I had no more problems. With Windows 2K and the current AMD drivers I have not any hardware lockups.
  23. I too agree, the SIS735 I know from experience is a ROCK Solid and very fast board. I built two systems and recommended them to anyone else looking for a low cost system (not a dual).
  24. Do you have the funds to get the Dual, if so then go. I have a Tyan Tiger MP and the board is wonderful! I really and enjoying it. Pop in an Athlon XP and you will be ok, just get another one when you have more cash. The MPX is supposed to be able to use unregistered DDR. Why do you need 1 Gig of RAM though? 512 is great, just use the other money to get another Athlon.
  25. ionfusion

    Serial ata drive

    I have a question... Will current ATA drives be able to use ATA Serial Cables with adapters of some sort? I would really like to be able to use my existing drives like CD-ROM and such.