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  1. What is Relevant benchmark values for microSDcard performance for Android Mobile phones? I found benchmarks of micro SD card in various websites. For reading those values and deciding and understanding and clarifying which one is relevant for adoptable/ swapping. I want to know what speed value is relevant for Internal/External storage Online Websites and Andro benchmark app and gives values of Sequential read and write 1000 MB/s Random read and write 512KB Random read write QD1 4KB MB/ps Random read write QD32 4KB MB/ps Random read write QD1 4KB IOPS Random read write QD32 4KB IOPS For using my MicroSDcard as adaptable OR swapping storage **Now my questions are :-** 1. System booting Android applications **read and write randomly or sequentially** which values more relevant means application writes randomly or sequentially 2. What **Queue Depth QD** is relevant for Booting android system and basic applications **QD1 or QD32** 3. Which **Block size** android applications work in **4KB or 8KB 512 Bytes** block size on what ground it should be compared 4. what speed of **reading or writing** is more relevant for booting system and general application an adoptable swapping storage 5. what value should be compared OR more relevant **MBPS or IOPS** for QD1 4KB and QD32 4KB while considering applications writing or reading speed 6. what **RANGES OF VALUES** of following benchmarks criteria will be sufficient or believed excellent for booting and system application A Sequential Read 1000MB/s B Sequential Write 1000MB/s C Random Read 512 MB/s D Random Write 512MB/s E Random Read QD1 4KB MB/s F Random Write QD I 4KB MB/s G Random Read Qd32 4KB MB/s H Random Write Qd32 4KB MB/s I Random Read QD1 4KB IOPS J Random Write QD I 4KB IOPS K Random Read Qd32 4KB IOPS L Random Write Qd32 4KB IOPS **IN ADVANCE I APPRECIATE OBLIGE AND THANKFUL FOR GIVING YOUR PRECIOUS TIME AND EFFORTS FOR GIVING ANSWERS**