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  1. Hi there, Noob question: when you get errors like this, does that mean it is time to get a new hard drive? Raw Read Error Rate: 81/44, Worst: 78 Seek Error Rate: 60/45, Worst: 60 End to End Error Detection Count: 100/99, Worst: 100 For the record, the data comes from a S.M.A.R.T. test I did following some issues with the internal hard drive. Randomly, folders disappeared. After a check disk I've got the folders back, but then it happened again. Luckily, with the check disk I've been able to recover the folders.
  2. I would personally stay away from Seagate. I posted on this very forum about a recent issue with three failing hard drives in a row. If you do a little research it seems that Seagate are indeed the hard drive with the highest failing rate.