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  1. Hi, just curious about this Brand New and never used 2tb Seagate Plus portable drive that i bought 3 days ago, which i encrypted the whole volume using VeraCrypt. After a recent File Recovery job that i did on another 2tb portable drive, i was curious about this brand new drive, so a few hours ago i copied over 4 small Word Doc files to the drive, and then i started a Deep Scan on that drive using my EaseUS Data Recovery Pro software, and after 6 hours it located 478 files with a total size of almost 1.7tb 461 of those files are ShockWave Files of various sizes, totaling about 930gb, and there is one 3DS File that is 745gb in size (don't even know what a 3DS file is) so does anyone know what is going on here. Have uploaded screenshots of EaseUS Recovery, and a CDI screenshot of that same drive, it only shows 5 power on count and 34 power on hours, and out of that 34 power on hours, 26 hours was for running the VeraCrypt encryption.