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    On 2/15/2017 at 1:23 PM, vee said:

    We are a mid size company base on number of employees, around 200.  Currently looking to replace converge environment (3Par F400 and HP Proliant G7's 4node) looking for hyperconverged and eyeing to get Nutanix because of features and function.

    Seeking your inputs negative or positive.

    Thank you,


    Hello Vee, just joined this blog, really interested how Nutanix puts seeds in peoples minds regarding HCI solutions. in my 27 year career in the Data Center arena, I've learned and grown in technology, learned a lot but 2 things that I will stand for is "There is no HCI Solution without the right software and the right hardware" I know this post is really old and by now you have done all you need you to need, for future reference you need to look really close to a technology that provides Hardware and Software Optimize Hyperconverged Solution.  Ex. look close at Cisco HyperFlex, unique technology that provides both, software and hardware from one single vendor.