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  1. wesley9946

    Compatible RAID cards Dell Precision 490

    So... I got myself an IBM ServeRAID M5015 (powered by LSI MegaRAID 9260-8i) but I'm running into a problem when I try to import the array which was made on the old Dell card Is there a way to manually import the array without data loss if you have the error below?
  2. wesley9946

    Compatible RAID cards Dell Precision 490

    Sure that Dell is not gonna be mean about it? (I've heard that Dell and HP can be mean sometimes about what they want/don't want you to put into their machines e.g. maybe I can't put an HP card in a Dell)
  3. Hi there, Do you know what RAID cards are compatible with the Dell Precision 490? It's RAID card just broke (Dell PERC SAS5, model UCS-51) and I want to look for something better than that card. Kind regards, wesley9946