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  1. well, a friend of mine has the same intel ssd. i just saw it copy to it from another nvme the whole rainbow six siege in 2 minutes. 950MB/s sustained writes. around 80+ GB of data. What the hell ? So it does work and it does about 900 sustained writes using widnows copy/paste.
  2. thank you all for your replies. given that benchmarks on the intel 600p 1TB show something like this I was surprised to see regular file copy to be so slow. So, for example, since i dont really feel like spending a few hundred bucks on another nvme 1tb ssd in the near future, what should i look for when i upgrade ? I expect the nvme write to be at least equal to the read speed of my sata drive from where i copy the files. and if i am to copy/paste from another nvme i'd like to actually see sustained +1GB/s or more speeds. Will a samsung evo drive cut it (price wise it's almost triple that of the intel drive at least here where i live) ? is there an actual tech guide not for newbies that would help me figure out what to look for in an ssd besides price/GB ? like controller quality/flash quality, flash type qlc/tlc etc ? or could you summarize in a few but very straight to the point sentences ?
  3. Hi, Copying 15GB of files - as an example - (few and large not many and small) from my C drive which is on a sata adata 128GB ssd (rated at 500MB/s reads) to my G drive with is on an intel nvme pcie ssd rated at 1800/1800 R/W is unbeliveably slow. bursts at 200MB/s settles at 47MB/s ... I'm at a loss for words. The drives are new. they perform as expected under crystaldiskmark/atto benchmarks. My pc specs : windows 10 64bit, ryzen 7 2700x, rtx 2080, asrock x470 taichi, all updates, latest drivers etc. i assembled the rig myself, installed the os everything myself. did not expect this at all. Source SSD: Adata SP900 128Gb sata3 ssd Destionation SSD: Intel ntel 660p NVMe PCIe M.2 1TB Motherboard has latest bios from asrock page. I did not do anything io intensive in the background, the system is not malware infected, i keep things nice and tidy both hardware and software wise. What in the world is going on ?