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  1. Hello Recently I bought a Micron 5210 ION 7680gb. If I format it within an enclosure, it is not recognised as a readable drive in a second enclosure. Macos’s Disk Utility or fdisk/df under linux will show a single 960Gb partition in the 7.5Tb drive. I cannot read or format it - the drive will immediately return an error. I have to use the Storage Executive software to “sanitise” it first. Then I can format and use it within the second enclosure but then it will not work in the first one. However, once formatted the disk seems to work fine in the same enclosure, it does not look like a compatibility issue. It looks like the drive is “bound” to that interface and becomes useless if swapped out. Is this normal? If this is a security feature, can it be disabled? Micron’s web pages did not seem useful to investigate the issue. Thanks Roberto Avanzi