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  1. Have an HP Mediasmart HP495 and use it with WHS Ver 1 for music collection streaming (with Squeeze Server), photo and video storage. Have storage with duplication for all on a series of 4 HDD's within the unit. Needing additional storage and now considering the eSata port on the unit. Some pricey units around with 4 bays that will work with port multiplier to extend the storage from the unit. Looking for 2019 advice on options as the last time I looked at this out of simple fancy, Icywork and Mediasonic seemed to be two in the running, albeit it seems Icywork was the more durable and reliable based upon what I read at the time. Many thanks
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    Music NAS storage

    Hi there . . . . . I'm maxed out on the drives to date . . . . 2 TB each x 4. I haven't given consideration at this point to upgrading from WHS Ver 1 or whether that wouldn't matter because of a limitiation in the HP495 itself (??) . . . my eye has only been on that eSata port and thinking perhaps one of those IcyDock port multiplier friendly bays may be in order . . . I use a Thermaltake Black Duet (or whatever it is called) for external backups of that NAS and it works flawlessly though that eSata port. But it isn't an option for full time NAS HDD use 'and' it doesn't work with two drives simultaneously.