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    2,5" 2TB HDD

    thanks, updated my main post. It has 128MB buffer, so it likely is. M9T is too expensive unfortunately, and TBH, I am not sure it is better than the 7K1000... So, if no one says the opposite, I'll be buying the 7K1000 for 73€ tonight. EDIT: 7K1000 bought, thanks!
  2. DiWiT

    2,5" 2TB HDD

    Sorry, so you mean "go for the Hitachi" or "go for the HGST", from the ones in the list ? EDIT: found another (reputable) shop where I can get the HGST 7K1000 for ~73€, so I think I will go for that one. Thanks!
  3. DiWiT

    2,5" 2TB HDD

    Thanks, I know blackbaze and their stats. Would the Hitachi in my list not be the same as a HGST? (a part from that model being a 5.400 RPM drive instead of the 7.200 RPM of the HGST). As I said, I do not care that much about performance, so if the Hitachi is as good (durability, quality) as the HGST, I could save 15€ there.
  4. DiWiT

    2,5" 2TB HDD

    Hi, I am looking for a 2,5" 2TB 9.5mm HDD that will be used for downloads and daily backups, so data will be written to it often. Then I guess I should be looking for a PMR disk but they look difficult to find these days. Not really concerned about speed / performance, so could do with a 5,400 RPM disk. More concerned about durability and quality. I could do with a 1TB disk as well provided it is worth going for it instead a 2TB Toshiba L200 (SMR) for example. The M9T is too expensive. I am ignoring all disks with a 128MB buffer, as they are SMR. It has to be available on amazon.es, so these are the options / prices I have available: Toshiba MQ01ABD100 1TB - 52€ HGST Travelstar 7K1000 1TB - 73€ Hitachi Travelstar 5K1000 1TB - 67€ WD Blue WD10JPVX 1TB - 54€ Which one would you choose? Or at least, which one you would never choose? Please don't tell me a Seagate is the best I can get !? Thanks!