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  1. Kixs97 did you try to create _one_ large partition (GPT formatted disk) bigger than 2TB on the drive ? (like the pic I posted above) That's the real test to do to see if the size is supported.
  2. Hello jtsn, i've been getting mad with dual docking stations. I've ordered two from Amazon, one from Salcar, one from Inatek, and they both have issues with HDs larger than 2GB. They both advertise support up to either 8TB or 10TB hds but then they don't work. I also have a single slot docking station from Atlantis (DK32) which supports hds larger than 2GB just fine. Attached you can see a 8TB hard-disk with a single 8TB partition (ofc it's GPT) how is seen from the Inatek/Salcar stations (top) and how it's normally and correctly seen in the Atlantis DK32 (OS is Windows 10 64 bit with all latest patches). How would i proceed to check if the docking station supports 16 byte commands ? If im not fooling myself i've understood that some devices use SCSI commands on top of all this mess and if that's true is it the problem about supporting READ CAPACITY(16), READ(16), WRITE(16) and so on ?