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  1. storageviewknight

    HDD platter swap , is it possible?

    I think it is the SA (System Area) , wich contains the bad block list that you are talking about. Althought a little research made me believe in may contain more that the bad block list . Drive Basics/Hard Disk System Area.html I would be glad if what you said is right , may be for this particular model.
  2. storageviewknight

    HDD platter swap , is it possible?

    Thank you for your responses katy. So technically it is impossible ,i guess the first question was answered. Now theorically speaking is there a relationship between the platter and the controller for that exact model? Nevermind if it'll work or not, i just want to replace that platter with another. Is there a way to detect a platter swap?(theorically) are all platters for that model an exact replica or they hold serial number too? that could be linked to the controller? Thank you very much.
  3. storageviewknight

    HDD platter swap , is it possible?

    Greetings everyone, I have a Seagate ST500DM002 internal HDD wich was opened, and accidently the platter was scratched. Therefore i want to swap that platter with another unused one of the same exact model: - Is it worth a try or would it not work? -I heard that the controller also have some informations stored in as the Serial number , HDD Type....would it be an issue? -Is there a way to detect that a platter swap have been done , i.e does the platter hold some informations other than user data? like the ones in the controller concerning specs of the hard (serial number as well....) so that the swap would be detected If any experienced geek can answer those questions i would be very thankfull , because frankly i'm a newbie in this field. Thanks.