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    Second hard drive

    I have very old AT computer with motherboard (Motherboard QDI EXPLORER IV 512K PB ). Is this motherboard capable to accept a second hard drive (White Label 120GB 8MB Cache 7200RPM PATA/IDE 3.5" Desktop Hard Drive ) and how do I find where exactly to connect it?
  2. fabrikant

    AT computer

    It is very difficult for me to understand what you are saying. Here are the specifications of all parts of my computer: Computer 166+ CYRIX SN: 970900-252 2 SIMM of 8 MEGS 72 PINS EDO Motherboard QDI EXPLORER IV 512K PB PROCESSOR 166+ CYRIX 133 MHZ CD ROM 20X VIDEO CARD PCI CIRRUS LOGIC 1 MEG SOUND CARD 16 BITS COMPATIBLE HARD DRIVE 1.3 GB FUJITSU 10 MS SN: 05510940 Now, my questions is would the hard drive White Label 120GB 8MB Cache 7200RPM PATA/IDE 3.5" fit into my computer?
  3. fabrikant

    AT computer

    Would a hard drive from ATX computer fit into AT computer? My computer is 20 years old.