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    One step from giving up!

    I think that Ocupant is right enough...anyway, I tried all the benchmark stuff I can put my hands on (and I have a very big hands) so, Hd Tach 2.61, Ziff Davis Media, ATTO, Sisoft Sandra ?.
  2. A new topic to recoignaise that I'm not able to get more from a Highpoint 370 with 2x80 Maxtor 7200rpm: 85 M/s read and only (and this is what disapoint me) 28M/s at write. No matter what I do. If any of you have any clues I'll wait to buy another controller card. If you needed tell ya that I installed all kind of drivers in my windows Xp, incluiding that dangerous Xp cache bla bla, all pci latencys modifiers, and of course the latest bios/drivers of mobo (Asus a7v333) and controller card.
  3. blexx

    Hdd write cache enabled?

    One cheap Highpoint Hpt-372.
  4. This is the question, how will I know if my pair of Maxtor 80G have the write cache enable? The benchs result shows little performance (about 30M/s) in write mode for a raid0 setup and in line with real measure (cronograph+hand).
  5. blexx

    Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9

    Well Virtual Larry, at least you are near specifications, cause I move from 2 60G to another 2 ones and only get 16msec; from there I changed the 2 60G and got a pair of 80G and voila!, now I have the astonishing value of 15msec.Great Maxtor!! Just within specifications!! Not to mention the recognizable sound of click click just when the drive is in the mood...
  6. blexx

    Program to measure access time

    Big Thanks, Blakerwry!
  7. Hi everybody! I am looking for an accurate program to check access time, I only run HdTach. Any idea?Thanx
  8. Until I get further information from Maxtor about a post I put yesterday, I'm passing some benhmarks with 2 Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 drives, 7200rpm, Ata-133 on a pci High-point 370a raid controller mounted on Asus A7v333. Hdtach shows no better access time than 14.9 ms, and an average tranfer rate of 72M/s with maximun peak of 76; I didnt bench the write rate cause one of the disk needs 3 or 4 more resets. I don't know if I must say what Sandra 2003 scores because the "particular" way of working of this bench, anyway I passed so is close to 43000. I'll try to find ATTO somewhere in my folders to bench this setup. What's your opinion? Can I get more from these configuration?
  9. Yes, you're right, it was delivery with AM in silence mode and I changed to fastest or disable, but no difference result, only 0.2-0.3 msec in three tests. It was amazing that yesterday I installed some kinf of drivers from Pinnacle to improve the "PCI subsytem" and voila, transfers jump from 62M/sec to 72 (in Raid 0 mode) and a access time of 14.9, best result I get from these drives, together or alone.
  10. Hi everybody. I recently bought a pair of Maxtor Diamond series (7200 Rpm/Ata 133) to add to my Raid controller Hpt-370a trusting the technical specifications of <13.3 msec of access time but neither has this time, only 15.5 at best.Anyone benchmark this drives with Hdtach? Is this a failure series?