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  1. Thanks for your input. Given that I will be using an adapter for the new thunderbolt storage unit (I don’t have TB3 only TB2) I may first want to see how my Mac Mini handles the device first. The big features of a NAS I likely don’t need (I have a separate device running vms, most of my data is iTunes based so Plex isn’t a big deal). Likewise my main cloud backup solution CrashPlan doesn’t formally support NAS at all( I can map it as a network drive and it can try and back that up to the cloud but they word and frame the doc like I should not do it) so going all NAS isn’t an option. I may end up getting another DAS solution and make it the offsite backup and maybe buy a large external drive I can use to move data site to site.
  2. Would you mind expanding on that? Do you mean I should either get two DAS devices or two NAS devices? I will be the only one accessing the data, so sharing across to 2-10 people is not happening. Remotely accessing would be nice but I have RDP tools for that.
  3. I am pretty sure that I will be using a Thunderbay 6 by OWC as my primary storage solution(it will be connected to a Mac Mini with a Thunderbolt 2 adapter), however something like a Drobo is also a possiblity What I am wrestling with is what will be my secondary storage that will be the backup for the RAID. The device is already going to the cloud so this is really about being able to recover from data loss in a reasonable amount of time and not downloading TBs of data. I initially thought I would go with a NAS solution but I then realized that I don't think having network connectivity will be possible for this device. Therefore I am rethinking my options. I know there are NAS options that have USB connections so I may consider one of them (WD My Cloud Pro) but I am now wondering if another RAID solution makes more sense. Any suggestions or advice are welcome. The capacity I am eying is 16TB but I could go to 12TB as well.