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    9460 Broadcom VS Areca 1880ix

    on the areca 1880ix are 16x 4tb ST4000DM000 on the new lsi controller 8x Western Digital Ultrastar DC HC510 10TB, 512e, ISE, P3, SATA 6Gb/s (HUH721010ALE600/0F27452)
  2. Spit

    9460 Broadcom VS Areca 1880ix

    maybe this helps someone windows 10 enterprise with refs reg mod. test 1: my nearly full 16x4tb areca raid 6 refs array with aes encryption test 2: 8x10tb lsi 9460 raid 6 refs array empty and without aes encryption copy test from areca to lsi ... 1gb/sec is ok
  3. Spit

    9460 Broadcom VS Areca 1880ix

    and what would be the best way to benchmark the controller ? linux .. windows .. so i can compare it with others and share my experience or are there any benchmarks of the 9460 in public ??
  4. Hi guys need some help with a selection of two raid controllers. Currently I'm using an areca 1880 ix controller with 16x4tb hard drives in a ca. 50tb raid 6 array. its just a storage for large files and sometimes i need copy performance to other clients. so far sufficient. However, I have now bought a new & cheap 9460 8 port controller with 2gb and connected 8 new 10tb hard drives (one array raid 6) for tests and some benchmarks. on a ntfs partition it was possible to copy files with 400mb internally. enough for me. only the management takes a bit of getting used to. Yesterday I deliberately put two hard disks out of the backplane. the array changed too critically. However, the volume was still visible in the explorer only the content was gone. Will this come back after a rebuild? and which controller is better in terms of performance ? LSI or Areca ? less drives are better and the 9460 ist getting so hot like the areca ..... but on the areca the management and settings are very easy to configure... What advantages does Broadcom offer vs areca ????