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  1. Hehehe.... I know. What is on my mind is that there should be an specific driver for that screen and messages. I've seen many servers with an external screen, I think that maybe there could be somewhere some kind of magic and lost generic driver that maybe could help with this adventure. I'm curious too about how to found, make or try to solve something like this. Never tried before. I'm glad that is not important for the NAS to work properly. Some ideas about where I can ask this or who could know about it or what can I try first with it? Gladly I have a little victory first with having a console using serial connection, and after that making Rockstor work in it, so I want to go ahead and try to achieve this. Thank you for your answer.
  2. Hello, I have a WD Sentinel DX4000 NAS server in which I installed Rockstor (CentOS based). This little 'pebble' has a small screen wher it shows different messages. I went to some kind of a hell of path to make it work with Rockstor, and now I would like to make that screen works, at least for showing the text 'Rockstor' and not a 'Loading lots of blablabla' all the time, and the power light blinking forever. Can you help me to make it change this? Someone could tell me where to look for some solution? I'll appreciate it. I know this doesn't matter, but I'll love to solve it. Thank you for helping me. PD: Please, if this is not the correct thread, move it where it belongs. Sorry.