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  1. I'm currently running an old(ish) dell poweredge 5150 server, running windows server 2012 r2. This started out as a home hobby system, only for a few users (5-10 or so). Over the years I've offloaded many of the services I was using the server to other devices, to the point where it's basically an overpowered file server. I'm starting to get controller errors, so I'm thinking its time to switch to something that is easier to administer and use. and newer. looking for something that can use my existing 3tb SATA WD Red drives, that can accept 8 3.5" drives, that can act as a windows domain controller (so I don't have to reconfigure all the devices that currently connect to the domain). I'd also like to keep it at around $2k or less. Anything else -- real time backup to cloud/another NAS (currently doing this with a small footprint windows client, would be nice to decommission that too), video surveillance (currently using blue iris) all nice but icing. I'm considering QNAP ts-873u-RP. Let me know if any thoughts