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    H700 vs 9265-8i

    That's what I was hoping to find out and possibly even see numbers on. I'm wondering how much more the additional core lends to performance.
  2. NGX

    H700 vs 9265-8i

    From what I gather, it's still 800Mhz for the LSISAS2208
  3. NGX

    H700 vs 9265-8i

    It's a dual core as well.
  4. NGX

    H700 vs 9265-8i

    Awesome, good to know and thanks for the info @Kevin OBrien
  5. NGX

    H700 vs 9265-8i

    Hey all, I'm new to the forums and was hoping for a bit of guidance. I've recently picked up a Dell T610 for my house as a decent starter to my homelab and am looking to replace the current PERC 6/i it's running now with a H700 1GB cache. I was recommended to look at getting a 9265-8i instead for the increased performance. After doing some reading up on both cards and the pros and cons to each, I wanted to come here and ask the community what real gains I would see from using the 9265-8i over the H700 and if I would have any issues running this card in a T610. I'm aware that is runs a dual core chip and from what I gather it should run faster, but how much faster? I'm not having much luck locating any side by side comparisons. Here's what my configuration looks like if it will help: Disks: 3x Dell 600GB SAS 15k Model HUS156060VLS600 in RAID 5 for OS partition 5x Dell 2TB SAS 7.2K Model ST32000444SS in RAID 5 for Storage partition