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    PCH vs CPU lanes 2018

    Thanks a lot! That benchmark is interesting. So maybe I was remembering old info. Interesting to see that AMD is quite a lot more latency. I hope they can improve that with zen 2. Seems like there is an error in the latency chart, the description should probably read latency in ms (lower is better) :)
  2. ChiefBigFeather

    PCH vs CPU lanes 2018

    Dear Community, I remember reading that connecting your m.2 pci-e drive via PCH used to gimp it. Specifically because 4k random read latency used to be way worse. Am I imagining things or was this a thing? There is a comparison by Techspot but it does not seem to be very in depth: Do you happen to know if there is a review here testing this with newer chipsets? Thanks in advance! Chief