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  1. Thanks so much for the speedy reply! So basically what you're saying is to avoid any HDD drive specifically listed as NAS/Enterprise/Nearline? Out of the ones listed I guess that would only leave the Toshiba X300...could you recommend a couple other similar 8Tb HDD I could compare it to? From what I've read, it may be the only one of it's type with PMR disks? Apparently this is better than SMR? Regarding the fitment of the holes in the drive bay, so as long as I don't use the middle screws, the rest should hold it just fine? Thanks again!
  2. Hi all! It's my first time on here so be nice aha! My personal computer is a MacPro 5,1 (2010) and the last time I bought a HDD I don't recall titles such as NAS, Enterprise, etc etc.. for hard drives! The home drive I'm about to install in it is a 2Tb Evo SSD. This will contain mostly the OS and applications. I need to upgrade the secondary HDD (which contains all the music, movies, and other stuff) to something larger as the 4Tb one in there now is almost full. I'm looking at getting an 8Tb HDD which will hopefully last me the next few more years or so, or until it fills up! So my question is, what 'style' of drive should I be getting for the 8Tb HDD?? I've been looking at a few in the mid $200 range but not sure which one is most appropriate in this situation (or which is the best one overall in this price range). I've been looking at the Toshiba X300 or N300, or HGST Ultrastar He8 or NAS? (A couple of bad reviews on the Toshiba said it didn't line up with the screws in the Mac tower however...can anyone here confirm this? I thought all fitments were standard across all drives??) I've being steering clear of Seagate after reading a lot of negative reviews. Am I wrong on this? Newegg seems to be good on prices for these at the moment. . Any thoughts?? Here is my secondary question. The home drive in there right now is a 1Tb Evo SSD and I'm not sure what to do with it once the 2Tb goes in. I'm attaching that via an Apricorn Velocity Solo x2 in a PCIe slot. Should I put the 1Tb drive in one of the other empty drive bays, or should I attach it to the secondary SATA slot in the Apricorn? If I went this route it says I would need an extra power cable to power it. What type of cable is this and where would it be plugged into inside the Mac? Btw, I'll be getting the WD My Book 8Tb external hard drive for my Time Machine backups. Any input would be MUCH appreciated! Thank you!!!