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    LSI Bios missing

    I tried to change the LSI firmware from IR to IT using the files downloaded from the related sites in http://www.lowjax.com/new-lsi-2308-9207-8i-it-firmware-pass-through-released-20-00-04-00/. Using the sas2flash, I updated the firmware to ver 20 but couldnt change from IR to IT. Well, thats a problem as I want to access only one HDD . But this problem is not the current issue at hand. My main problem is the LSI startup BIOS is no more popping up. Basically, in changing the LSI firmware from IR to IT, the PC has to boot up from a bootable USB into DOS mode. Normally, the LSI BIOS pops up prior to the Gigabyte MB BIOS, highlighting the port/slot and other details of the LSI card. Now, the LSI startup BIOS is not shown when PC boots up from the USB or from the HDD. When the PC boots up from the HDD, it loads Windows 8.1, and from there, in the Device manager, the card is shown to be in full working condition, according to the Device status in the Device properties, Also running sas2flash -listall, the card exists. But there is no BIOS being shown on PC startup. But booting the PC with the bootable USB, and running sas2flsh from the DOS prompt, the LSI is non existent. I have moved the LSI card into different slots on my MB, no joy. I have reflashed the LSI, on different MS slots, in the Windows environment over 8 times, no joy. Basically, I need to visualise the LSI startup Bios when the PC boots up so as to verify that the LSI is active or started up. I need some assistance, please help. Thanks in anticipation. The system I have is as follows· I7 6700k· Gigabyte Ultra Z170x· GTX 980ti· 2 SATA HDDs – 4 and 3 Tb· 1 SSD – 1Tb SATA. This stores the OSs and boots up from this HDD.· Windows 8.1, 10 and Server 2008 – running Triple OS. Default is Win 8.1. Windows server installed just as a test From the number of discussions in this forum, I have purchased· Dell LSI 9217 8i with cables· SAS/SATA adapter Startech 18in SAS 29 Pin to SATA Cable· SATA card - 1+2 SATA & Internal IDE Port Drive Controller PCIThe SAS HDD in question is a HGST Ultrastar 10Tb. The PC is a desktop for home use, not a server and I am trying to install a SAS HDD into my Desktop.