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  1. Hey Guys, Neil Anderson is giving away a NetApp training course. That will cover the Ontap 9.x version and will also prepare you for the ONTAP Exam. To participate just sign up with your name and email on the link NetApp Training Giveaway from Neil Anderson Don’t forget to confirm the email to enter the giveaway.
  2. T_P_

    Storage Books

    Hi,I am looking for recommendations of books related to storage that can give me a deep understanding of the overall technology. Wondering if this group has any recommendation? My goal is to be able to no only understand the storage basics, but dive into the the capabilities, settings, performance, vendors etc....Thanks
  3. Thus it restored everything in the original location, meaning that it kept all files and folders structures.
  4. @continuum @Slade I`m back to tell you guys that after long 15 hours, I was able to recovery 90% of my disk using WinHex. Tool located most of my files and it ran as quickly as it could.
  5. T_P_

    Toshiba External 2TB HDD

    Two weeks and still working on....TestDisk works "ok". I have PSTs, Videos, etc and TestDisk hangs.....
  6. Hi Folks...so here is the issue that has been taking my sleep for about two weeks already. Have a Toshiba External Drive 2TB that worked great for about two years storing all my stuff, and two weeks ago it simply decided not to work anymore and it became RAW. Basically I have 500GB worth of data that I would like to recover however it has shown to be to be more complicated that I thought.Found TestDisk tool which has already recovered as small portion of my files (not even 5%) and it takes days running. Also found a tool called EaseUS (U$60,00 - I bought it) which apparently could see my files then I selected all of them and the program took 3 days when it finally said "completed" but NOT - I would never recommend their software to anyone.So here I am, there is lots of data I still need and no solution seem to be able to do the job. Has anyone faced, solved or have any suggestions to a case late this?
  7. This is a horrible software, I made the biggest mistake of buying it.
  8. T_P_

    Toshiba External 2TB HDD

    Its not even starting the scan.....Do you know any other tool that can browse data in a RAW drive and allow me to copy them to a new location?
  9. T_P_

    Toshiba External 2TB HDD

    I am not sure what is wrong, but I executed the tool and nothing happen. It finds the disk, I select the scan and nothing happens.
  10. T_P_

    Toshiba External 2TB HDD

    I have not tried that yet, but certainly will. Found this tool called TestDisk not sure if you ever heard of it, and I was able to find the files I need, but it is taking forever to copy to a backup.
  11. Hey Guys, Just wondering if you guys have ever seen this issue before. Toshiba 2TB HDD stopped working. I have attached all the error images so it makes it easier to understand.... Things I have tried; 1- Check Disk (Failed) 2- Connected to 3 different machines, none of them will open the disk 3- Found this tool online Minitool Partition Wizard, and from there I can browse all of my content (Thanks God) but do not know exactly how to use it. Didnt do much with it at this point. Some images attached, I would appreciate knowledge sharing. Thanks