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  1. Thanks reader50 for answering the technical questions ! Since these HDD have the same specs (right?), then I'll just need to know which is the most quiet and reliable one (?). (BTW, I was wrong : the Western Digital Blue WD20SPZX has 128MB of cache just like others, but I get an error when I try to edit the first post).
  2. Hello guys, After many searches on the internet (where I learned that there's actually a difference between IDE and SATA, and that there are various rack sizes...), I'd like to upgrade my laptop from 1 TB to 2TB. Laptop : Acer Aspire V3-772GTX-54218G1TMakk (september 2014). (No SSD slot, and I don't need any SSD). Original HDD : WDC WDJPVX (1 TB 5400 rpm, SATA III - says HWiNFO). I was happy with it (though it's slow, it resisted many shocks, and some system crashs that put the hardware up to 100°C for a while). Height (in./mm) : 0.374/9.50 Length (in./mm) : 3.94/100.20 Width (in./mm) : 2.75/69.85 The new HDD will be the main and only drive. I use the PC for video / office / P2P apps, and it's running 24/7. I run Win7 Ultimate 64bit. I already have backups, I'll use this tutorial (if there's nothing missing) ? and will put the original HHD in a brown paper bag Questions : 1°) The Acer customer service tells me that the rack (thickness and plasturgy) can only match a 7 mm or 9.5 mm HDD. Can an adapter improve the possible HDD thickness ? like those : https://www.amazon.co.uk/Generic-Aspire-V3-471g-V3-771g-V3-772/dp/B00K4QJ5X8 https://www.amazon.com/Generic-Aspire-V3-471g-V3-771g-V3-772/dp/B00K4QJ5X8 This website only suggests 7-9 mm HDDs for possible upgrades I would need 3TB, but since it's not available in 7-9 mm... 2°) Any hardware incompatibility for a 2TB HDD ? Like with the motherboard or anything. 3°) If limited to 7-9mm, which 2TB 2.5" internal HDD should I choose ? I need one that's quiet, and I didn't find any 7200RPM. a°) These tree Seagate all have the same specs, right ? so I'm confused (5400rpm, 128MB cache buffer, 140MB/s data transfer rate). b°) Only the WD20SPZX has 16MB of cache, but does it really matter ? All four HDD are within the dimensions of the original HDD : - Seagate ST2000LM015 BarraCuda - Seagate ST2000LM007 Mobile HDD (it has a good review here but I read, on the forum : "As for 9.5mm thick drives, there's only one with 2TB, that no matter officially many places sell as a Seagate drive, is actually a Samsung drive...AVOID this drive. It's problematic with LARGE tendency for sooner than later start to make all kind of noises. " ---> And I don't know how to avoid that, buying it from Amazon or else...) - Seagate ST2000LX001 FireCuda. - Western Digital Blue WD20SPZX. - any other ? Thanks ! G.
  3. Hello ! Still no news of any 2.5", 7-9mm, 3-4 TB internal HDD (for laptop) ? Google and forums inquiries didn't help ...