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    Advice to buy new SSD

    Hi continuum and thank you for your quick reply! My Laptop is for Programming, Video and Photo Editing. However, my Main Storage is currently held in proper NAS systems. I understood your point and overall, for the price difference, I think that maybe 30/40€ will pay the extra storage and, possibly, performance! I Think the 850 EVO will be my choice!
  2. Hi Everyone! I intend to buy a new SSD Drive for my MSI GE60 Laptop. I know that data transfer speeds are much greater than Mechanical drives, however, I’m not really sure when it comes to comparing between SSD Drives, as the same manufacturers have diferent specifications for drives with the same storage space. For now I don’t need space, I only need performance and, of course, reliability. I want to buy from any Portuguese store (i'm living in Portugal right now) because of any RMA issues that might come up. I’m inclined to buy a Kingston Drive (is the only brand I know). Can you guys help me choose the best 120Gb SSD drive from here? I’ve already sorted the results in the link I leave below. Feel free to ask any question or make any suggestions! Thank you! My sorted SSD Drives