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  1. Reliability of ST2000LM007

    ??? I was told that: " the 3TB version of any brand seems to have a disproportionate drive failure rate when compared to any other HDD capacity " Is that true?
  2. Reliability of ST2000LM007

  3. Reliability of ST2000LM007

    Seagate reviews: https://www.amazon.com/Seagate-Laptop-2 ... T2000LM007 https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product. ... -_-Product These from Newegg are not so positive, many of them said that disk died after short period of time Reading this reviews I change my mind, I will on this Seagate keep my secondary files so that disk would work only 40-50 hours per year. Primary backup files I will put on my WD green 20EARX that has 28000 working hours. It will serve as an external drive when I buy new storage disk. I have much more confidance in my old disk than this new Seagate, I bought it only because it was on good price on Black Friday, didn`t have time to study reviews carefully. About 20EARX, i have some small doubts: - it happened to me two times when after fast SSD boot I entered immediately in WD green to open some files but there was a 10-15 seconds delay, like that when file is not responding, I guess it needed time to read files. Is that normal? - sometimes I noticed when I listen songs (some megamix, every song is longer than 1 hour) that when I rewind I got to wait 0,5-1 seconds. Normal? What would you recommend, WD red or Seagate Ironwolf (2-3TB versions)? Which is more quieter and durable?
  4. I have Seagate expansion 2,5" portable HDD drive (ST2000LM007). I plan to store some important backup on it but I was wondering how much is this drive reliable, how much is his lifespan? Will external drive last much shorter than internal? I regret that I didn`t buy some internal 3,5" + external case for HDD and than use that for external backup