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    WD My Book Duo 20GB Review Discussion

    Hello Brian, thanks so much for your answer. The case that I already have works perfectly if it's switched on after the iMac. If I switch it before, my iMac doesn't see it. It happens the same, as I wrote, if the iMac goes in stop for more than a minute: when I wake up the iMac, I see an error message about wrong HDD's eject operation and the HDD isn't there anymore; I must switch it off and on to see it again on my iMac. About performance, in my actual RAID 0 case I've installed two 7.200 RPM drives (Seagate Barracuda) that works pretty fine (when they're seen...). My doubt is about WD RED HDD speed, the disks that are inside My Book Duo: they're 5.400 RPM and I was asking about performances to know if it will be about the same, with minimal losts, or if I'll have a noticeable speed drop with this My Book Duo. Thanks again!
  2. Riccardo

    WD My Book Duo 20GB Review Discussion

    Hello everybody! I'd like to buy the My Book Duo 6TB to use it on an iMac 5K 2017 in RAID 0 mode. Do someone knows if, leaving it always switched on, is it always "seen" by the iMac, in any situation? I mean, if I leave the My Book Duo always switched on and I restart the iMac or it wakes up from stop mode, do I need also to restart the My Book Duo or it's seen from the iMac? I ask this because I assembled an external RAID system with a generic case bought from Amazon and two Seagate Barracuda HDDs and I always had to restart the RAID case because, when the iMac went in stop mode for more than a minute or I restarted it, the external drive wasn't seen by the iMac. I'd like to "forget" the My Book, so I'd like to know if it will automatically start and stop, following the iMac switching on and off, without any other action from the user. Last question: did someone test the My Book Duo speed, in RAID 0 mode, with Blackmagic Speed Disk Test (5GB files mode)? I'd like to have a direct comparison between my "self made" system (350-360MB/Sec for writing and reading speed) and this My Book Duo, even if I know that writing and reading speeds are variable, depending from several factors. Many thanks in advance to everybody!