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  1. Hey continuum -- I took delivery of a Jetta 17" laptop in Jan 2015. It had been assembled per my specs = 256 GB SSD, and 750 GB spinning disks drive. Does the designation mSATA specify a physical size for the drive? It sounded like everyone was surprised when they opened up my laptop and discovered the intended replacement drive was not going to fit. My initial understanding was that the "operating system" and program ".exe's" would run off the SSD C:\ drive. And, they would all run very quickly ...and they did. My problems started because ALL software when being installed wants / assumes to go onto the C:\ drive. Many, I learned, will permit themselves to be re-directed into either D:\Program Files or D:\Program Files (x86). And, there are some programs which will permit their .exe to be installed on C:\, but have their data files on the D:\. But, in the end, the SSD began filling up too quickly. It was not too long before I was having to delete and reinstall programs to make room on the ever-shrinking C:\ Despite the new SSD having twice the space of the old. I'm hoping to find some tips/instruction about how to only install things on the SSD that will benefit from its speed. I'm an old guy, living and learning! Thank you for your hand-holding!! Jim
  2. Hi continuum -- Yeah, I'm with you. Getting the feeling that my "computer guy" isn't doing a good job communicating what the problem is. I've just heard from them and they have found a new SSD that will fit replacing my 256 GB. The new drive is described as "M1 mSATA 500 GB Samsung" on the modified quotation I received in email. They report that this drive will cost US$33.00 more than the first replacement drive. I've told them I wqant to go ahead despite the $33.00 bump. But, I will get a more complete description of what's happened and report back here to settle all our minds. Thanks again! Jim
  3. Hi continuum -- the laptop was custom built by Jetta International Computers in MA -- ordered through my local computer shop. The drive's model designation is "Model Crucial_CT256M550SSD3 ATA Device" as per System Info" thanks for your interest! Jim
  4. I'm trying to increase storage on my laptop. Am advised my 264 GB SSB is an M1 drive and that it might not be possible to find a new drive, 512 GB or 1 TB. Apparently the newer (M2?) drives are smaller or shaped differently and ONLY an M1 will fit in my machine. Any ideas? I'll welcome any and all assistance / discussion. Jim in Maine