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  1. After a little digging I found some useful information in the link below. After following the detailed instructions, I was able to get a successful firmware upgrade. After the firmware upgrade, I reran Seagate's Seatools, WDC Data Lifeguard, and Crystal Disk Info, with no errors. I'll wait for a drive failure to try it in the NAS, but I'm pretty certain that it'll be ok.
  2. I have a Seagate Contellation ES3 model ST1000NM0033 that has firmware version SN03 that needs to be updated to be compatible with my QNAP NAS. Surely the firmware update should be addressed by Seagate, but their support page is a little "subpar" on this issue. I have followed the instructions as close as I could and managed to create a bootable UBS drive with Seagate's firmware utility, booting the computer with the constellation attached, which gave the following result in the attachment. (Sorry but I am a little Linux illiterate) My problem is that after booting the computer, the utility fails to update the firmware on the drive. Any suggestions or comments would greatly be appreciated. Thanks, GunMetalBlue
  3. Brian, Thanks for the reply. I've had a drive fail in my NAS and I was going to replace it with this one. After installing it, the NAS reported abnormal read/write errors on this new drive. The drive has been tested with Seagate's Seatools, WDC Data Lifeguard, and Crystal Disk Info, with no errors. The NAS has the same model drives with SN04 firmware installed and working flawlessly. After a little investigation on QNAP's compatibility page I found the attached.