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    Storage Spaces vs unRAID

    Case - Nanoxia DEEP SILENCE 6
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    Storage Spaces vs unRAID

    i dont want to buy a NAS like Synology or Drobo, they have their disadvantages plus they are much more expensive. I can build it cheaper and in the end, i will have 21 HDDs vs just 8
  3. I want to make a 100+TB NAS and i haven't decided between Storage Spaces or unRAID. I will start with a few drives and will add a new drive (10TB) every 1 or 2 months. (This is why RAID(hardware) and freeNAS is not good for me) For example in Storage Spaces when you add a new HDD to the pool,and the Drives are optimizing, if windows crashes, do you lose all the data on all drives ? I'm thinking of a Dual parity (Failure tolerance 2 HDDs and Storage efficiency 50.0% - 80.0%. The write speeds dont have to be fast at all. I'm much more interested in data security and second place is Storage efficiency, third is performance. Spreadsheet of Pros and Cons A huge Pro for unRAID : you can only lose data on the failed drive (depending on File Structure set up)A huge Pro for Storage Spaces : very easy to setup&maintain and is Windows based (like everything else i own)