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    Largest 2.5" 12.5mm PMR drive?

    I ended up getting two M9Ts of the Seagate variety. They worked out fine. Thanks for all the info.
  2. jacobacci

    Largest 2.5" 12.5mm PMR drive?

    Thanks guys I did a bit more research and only came up with the Samsung M9T as being PMR, 12.5mm and 2TB. Nothing larger. The 4TB Samsung M10p is 15mm. I have now settled on the M9T and will equip my 8770w with an mSATA for the OS and two M9T in RAID0 configuration. A M10p will go into an external exclosure, connected through USB3 / UASP. Should be good enough.
  3. Hi all I am looking for 2 new HD for my HP 8770w portable workstation, to be used in a RAID0 configuration. So SMR drives are out. What is the largest 2.5" 12.5mm PMR HD? The Seagates >2TB are all 15mm high, the drives in the WD MyPassport are 4TB / 12.5mm, but seem to be SMR. The 2TB Samsung M9T is PMR. I would be greatful for references to 12.5mm PMR disks >2TB if there are any. Thanks a lot